The Banner Saga-Like Ash Of Gods: Redemption Drops On Android

featured image for our news on Ash of Gods: Redemption. It features three characters from the game. One is a middle-aged man with dark hair and wearing an outfit like ministers wore during the Victorian era, another is a teenage boy and the third is a young woman wearing an off-shoulder red outfit and holding a sword.

AurumDust has launched its latest title Ash of Gods: Redemption on Android. It lets you dive into a war-torn world wrecked by the Great Reaping. It became quite a hit on PC when it dropped in 2017. The game even bagged awards like Best Game at the Games Gathering Conference and White Nights in 2017.

What Is Ash of Gods: Redemption About?

Ash of Gods has an isometric world that’s on the brink of catastrophe. To save the world from falling down, you get three choices. You can step into the shoes of a seasoned captain, a loyal bodyguard or an intellectual scribe. These characters are as follows: Captain Thorn Brenin, Bodyguard Lo Pheng and Hopper Rouley.

Set in the universe of Terminus, each character in Ash of Gods offers a unique viewpoint on the unfolding events. You’ll face some tough moral dilemmas where you’ll fight for a brighter future or become a ruthless survivor.

Unlike many games where your decisions shape the future, Ash of Gods: Redemption raises the stakes. Your choices can even lead to the death of the main characters! But don’t worry, the story keeps rolling, and every decision, every death, keeps influencing what happens next.

Will You Try It?

The mobile version of Ash of Gods: Redemption has a rich story that pulls you in and stunning artwork with a soundtrack that completely complements them. With its many possible endings, it also offers tons of replay value.  If it sounds like your kind of epic adventure, you can snag Ash of Gods on the Google Play Store for $9.99.

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