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Looking for the Type Soul Blue Elixir item? There are 3 ways of obtainment as of right now! Maybe you’ve heard of the Red Elixir, but have no clue what the Blue variant does. Well, if that’s the case, read on to find out.

Make your way to Karakura Town in Type Soul to start raiding. For more information regarding raids, have a read of our Type Soul Raids guide. We have a Type Soul Essences (they get deleted after using the Blue Elixir!) guide and a Type Soul Bank guide too, which details the location of the storage NPC!

Type Soul Blue Elixir

The Blue Elixir item has a primary use of resetting your entire character build. By doing this, all of your Skill Points are refunded, meaning you don’t lose out on anything. These Skill Points can then be used in the skill tree however you want.

An important thing to note is that Red Elixir Skill Points are not refunded, so you need to use the Red Elixir item before this to get those specific Skill Points back. If you don’t do this step, the Red Skill Points will be permanently gone. The Blue Elixir item removes your Essence too, so be careful when using it – you have to get an entirely new Essence after this. The same goes for Skill Boxes too!

How to Get Blue Elixir

The best way to obtain Blue Elixir is by taking part in Karakura Town Raids (also known as KT Raids). These raids include Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag – all of which are pretty standard formats for PvP games. Or, some codes reward you with a Blue Elixir, but this is few and far between.

The Blue Elixir has a chance to appear in the Karakura Town Shop at times, but this has an extremely low chance. If you spot it in the shop, it costs 150K.

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