Helldivers 2 might be getting a fresh hotfix with more performance fixes this week, but ‘no sulking if there isn’t one’

Helldivers 2 might be getting a fresh hotfix containing more performance fixes this week, as Arrowhead sticks to its current focus of rectifying as many issues as possible before thinking about going hard with any big content additions.

There’s been a bit of debate recently as to whether the studio shouls stick steadfastly to its current plan of being fix-first and taking a little longer to polish additions. However, from what I’ve seen most folks seem to agree that making sure it’s as issue-free as possible is still worth keeping a priority to some degree.

With plenty of problems still being cited by players on social media, folks have been keen to learn when Arrowhead’s next hotfix will be dropping, and the good news is it looks like it could be as early as this week. This is according to comments from both the studio’s current CEO Shams Jorjani and one of its community manager, though they have both emphasised that the timing isn’t locked in for certain yet.

“Update coming this week by the looks of it,” Jorjani has tweeted in response to a player citing a variety of issues that’ve led them not to play as often recently, “Hope it does the trick! But we’ll keep at it regardless.”

Over on the game’s Discord server, community manager Twinbeard has since shared a the same message, writing: “There might be a hotfix this week, but it’s not 100 % confirmed, so no sulking if there isn’t. As for the next large one, that won’t be for some time. Vacation time and more of what we’ve said before, that we’re decreasing cadence for larger updates.”

“We won’t be gone for a month,” they added in response to one player suggesting that the need to allow for the development team to take some well-earned holiday could mean just that. “We’re slowing down due to a lot of colleagues going on vacation, but the office will still be open and people working. There almost certainly won’t be a big patch during this period. Minor improvements and/or hotfixes are not ruled out.”

Twinbeard also acknowledged that the team’s aware of a need to look into potentially things like developing/improving “ways of mitigating griefing” and improving its accessibility options, such as by adding a dedicated colourblind mode.

Are there any issues you’re desperate to see this next Helldivers 2 hotfix rectify, whenever it drops? Let us know below!

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