5 Easy Disney Outfits You and Your Family Won’t Regret Wearing in the Parks

We LOVE going to Disney World. Know what we love even more? Going with friends, family, and loved ones! And sure, you can wear whatever you want to the parks, but somehow, it feels extra special to show up with a Disney-themed outfit, right?

Cinderella Castle in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Well, good news, Disney fans! The Disney Food Blog shop has a whole new collection of mommy and me sets! We rounded up some of our top-sellers (both on Amazon and right on our website) so you can pack some fun NEW outfits for you and your family!

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How sweet is this shirt?! Each bow design on this boxy tee is inspired by a different princess gown! Note that this women’s tee is designed to be oversized and slightly cropped. If you want a true oversized fit, you might want to size up.

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Here’s the youth shirt!

You can MATCH with your little one! Pick coordinating colors or get two of the same — either way, these fun, colorful Disney princess-inspired shirts are so fun. Wear them to the parks or at home; they’re super versatile!

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The Magic Is Calling!


This fun design comes in 11 (!!!) different colors! Keep it cool with the classic white, or dress it up with royal blue. Can you hear that iconic “Answer the call” jingle in your head?

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Child’s The Magic Is Calling Top

Oh, did we mention this shirt is double sided? There’s a unique design on BOTH sides of this shirt! No matter which direction you’re facing, your shirt will make a statement.

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Midway Mania shirt

Ever play Toy Story Midway Mania with your family? If so, you know how competitive this game can get! If you have a junior champion in the family, check out our kid’s short-sleeved tee.

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Toy Story Mania shirts

There’s no better feeling than being crowned the Toy Story Mania Champion, right?! Celebrate victory with our short-sleeve tee. It’s perfect for every champion’s wardrobe!

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Easy Tiger tee

Meet your new favorite youth tee, inspired by Disney’s beloved tiger, Rajah! With a cute design and playful vibe, this tee is purr-fect for adding a bit of wild fun to your child’s wardrobe.

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Here’s the adult top!

This is a no-brainer! If you’ve already got the (adorable, might we add) child’s top in your shopping cart, you might as well pick up a matching one, right?

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This shirt is SO fun!

Tiny Train Town is a classic Disney Food Blog insider joke. If you follow along with all the wild crime stories and villainous troubles happening in this innocent-looking town, you and your little one need these exclusive shirts for your next visit to EPCOT! The mayor of Tiny Train Town approves this message.

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We LOVE a matching moment!

This shirt is designed to have a slim fit. If you prefer a looser-fitting, oversized t-shirt, we suggest you size up.


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In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney merchandise, so stay tuned for more.

Did you know we have a Disney-themed Amazon Storefront? Check it out!

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