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The Keyblade is back! This iconic weapon is making the rounds again in the Type Soul roll pull pool, so now’s a great chance to get it. Got any questions? Well, our Type Soul Keyblade guide is here to give you answers to anything you might need to know about the special weapon.

Type Soul is out now on Roblox. You could also check out our Type Soul Clan rarity guide.

Type Soul Keyblade Guide

Right, let’s talk about the weapon, what is does, and how to get it.

What Is The Keyblade?

The Keyblade is a rare sword variation with a unique look. If you’re not enlightened about the Kingdom Heats series, it just looks like a big key. If you are a Kingdom Hearts enjoyer, then it looks like the iconic weapon of the RPG series.

How Do You Get The Keyblade?

As of writing, the Keyblade is available through Locked Weapon Rerolls, there’s a small chance to get a Keyblade with each reroll. The Keyblade is based on the longsword’s animation, and sometimes a bug will list it as a longsword. So many sure to check the weapon model before you hit reroll.

The Keyblade may only be available for a short period of time, so make sure to roll for it while you have the chance.

Is The Keyblade Good?

The Keyblade looks pretty impressive, though the effect is mostly cosmetic. The Keyblade has the same moveset as the longsword, so doesn’t have much advantage over the longsword, aside from perhaps keeping your opponent guessing a bit more.

Is There A Keyblade Bankai?

Keyblade can appear as part of your Bankai, but it’s not guaranteed… even if you have a keyblade already. Whether you get it is all a matter of chance, and you won’t know until you try out your Bankai.

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