Character RNG Witch’s Key Guide – Unlocking The Secret Door!

This Character RNG Witch’s Key Guide tells you how to unlock the secret tower door using this newly crafted item, including its recipe and the secret room where it is made.

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Character RNG Witch’s Key Guide

The Witch’s Key is a new item added within the latest update of Character RNG. Obtaining it isn’t easy or obvious since the game offers no Questline hints.

Once obtained, the Witch’s Key opens the tower door on the far right of the map. Inside, you’ll find two unique Potions not found anywhere else in the game. These include the Swiftness Elixir IV and the Fortune Potion IV. As implied by the name, these are the strongest versions of the Luck and Haste Potions.

Thankfully, when you’ve opened the tower door it’ll remain unlocked even after you’ve exited the game and rejoined. This means the Potions aren’t a one-time obtainment and you can reenter to grab more whenever they respawn.

How To Craft The Witch’s Key

Obtaining the Witch’s Key requires patience and parkour, as this item isn’t craftable at spawn. From spawn, head over the bridge to the right and climb up the small mound/hill. Then, drop down off the right near the palm tree and enter the cave opening.

Without touching the purple floor, complete the parkour then speak to the NPC which pulls up the crafting recipe for the Witch’s Key.

  • x100 Noraba
  • x30 Yuto
  • x1 Yotus
  • x1 Toshi
  • x100 Cursed Rubble
Image shows Cursed Rubble which appears as a black rock on the floor with a purple sparkle effect

You might have noticed all the characters you feed into this recipe come from the JJK franchise! But, the Cursed Rubble is different and is an item, not a rolled character. To get the Cursed Rubble, head over to the tower and scan its perimeter as well as climb it to pick up Rubble pieces. The Rubble respawns every 5 minutes or so, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to get 100 of them!

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