The Sims 4’s Lovestruck expansion adds a dating app and outdoor woohoo

The Sims 4 is continuing its efforts to represent all the worst parts of modern living. The last expansion added predatory landlords and mould-soaked apartments. The next expansion will add the ability to create dating app profiles for your sims. It’s called Lovestruck and it’ll launch on July 25th.

The Sims 4 Lovestruck expansion trailer.Watch on YouTube

Lovestruck adds the Cupid’s Corner app, on which players can create a profile for their sim, define what sort of partner they’re looking for, then choose what kind of date to go on. How successful the date is will be determined by the sims’ Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs, which set out the kinds of interests and interactions they’re looking for in a potential romantic partner.

Those dates can take place in a new city, which has three districts designed with romance in mind. There’s also a new career path, “Romance Consultant”, which I’m assuming is like the movie Hitch and not anything more euphimistic. Although there is also a new “Romantic Blanket” which sims can apparently take with them if they decide they want to woohoo outdoors, so who knows.

As an expansion pack, Lovestruck adds both new systems, like new ways to date and new relationship metrics, and new outfits and items with which to decorate your home. They’re the biggest of The Sims’ various flavours of DLC – more substantial than Game Packs, and with new systems unlike Stuff Packs or Kits – and the size is reflected in the price, which is £35/$40.

If that’s not too high a price for love, the expansion launches on July 25th.

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