I will literally PayPal you a fiver if you can tell me anything substantial about Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree’s gormless ghost worms

YouTube is a stocked repository of hours upon hours of Elden Ring lore. Ranni’s ending? No worries. Miquella and St. Trina? We got you. Mohg and the Formless Mother? Say no more. Turtle Pope? Sit back. The frenzied flame? Make yourself comfortable. The Elden Ring itself? One page is not enough to contain it all.

And yet, what use are any of you when I cannot find a single solitary lore snippet about these idiot worms?

Here is everything I know about these worms:

  • They like to hang out near gravestones, but so do a lot of things.
  • They seem to be somehow connected to the spirit jellyfish in the Lands Between. They even glow red when they’re angry.
  • I found a bunch of them protecting a turtle once.

I’m honestly ravenous for lore here. They’re so numerous and prominent in Shadow Of The Erdtree that I’m convinced that they’re absolutely vital to the entire setup. They don’t seem to drop any items. None of the NPCs will shut up about Miquella long enough to give me a scrap of information about them. I tried asking one some questions and it just very slowly retreated into the dirt.

A wormly face in Elden Ring
Image credit: FromSoftware

I’m lost. Rudderless. Completely stranded in a world in which I understand zilch about its most interesting inhabitants. This is not subtle worldbuilding – it’s deeply unethical. Please, help me understand. First person to tell me something good gets a fiver. I mean, not really, but you know.

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