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Want some of the Dandy’s World Twisted Trinkets? You’ll need to do the Twisted Research first! Read on to find out how the Research works and how to unlock the Twisted Trinkets.

Check your Twisted Research progress in Dandy’s World! To learn more about the enemies you’ll be facing and how to counter them, read our Dandy’s World Twisteds guide.

Dandy’s World Twisted Trinkets

The Twisted Trinkets can be equipped by any Toon. However, the method of obtaining these Trinkets requires coming face to face with the corresponding Twisted. They provide players with an extra boost during a match, such as an increased walking speed. Some Trinkets come with powerful buffs, but in return, grant a slight debuff too.

For instance, the Night Cap from Astro replenishes all of your Stamina when you load into the next floor. But it also lowers your maximum Stamina stat by 10%! Other Trinkets provide a straight-up boost, with no disadvantages. An example of this is the Dog Plush, which increases your walking speed by 10%, or the Pink Bow, which increases this stat by 7.5%.

The Twisted Trinkets are better than the purchasable ones, but the latter are still useful. Purchasable Trinkets are great to use when you’re grinding the Twisted Research levels.

Twisted Trinkets

You can only obtain these Trinkets by completing Twisted Research! To find out how to complete this research, scroll down to the section below.

  • Dandy Plush
    • Complete Twisted Dandy research (100%)
  • Blue Bandana
    • Complete Twisted Boxten research (100%)
  • Ribbon Spool
    • Complete Twisted Razzle & Dazzle research (100%)
  • Bone
    • Complete Twisted Pebble research (100%)
  • Pink Bow
    • Complete Twisted Poppy research (100%)
  • Brick
    • Complete Twisted Shrimpo research (100%)
  • Friendship Bracelet
    • Complete Twisted Goob research (100%)
  • Spare Bulb
    • Complete Twisted Brightney research (100%)
  • Vee’s Remote
    • Complete Twisted Vee research (100%)
  • Dog Plush
    • Complete Twisted Toodles research (100%)
  • Crayon Set
    • Complete Twisted Scraps research (100%)
  • Night Cap
    • Complete Twisted Astro research (100%)
  • Magnifying Glass
    • Complete Twisted Rodger research (100%)

How to Complete Twisted Research

To progress through Twisted Research, you need to find the corresponding Twisted while you play. This adds to the Research level, but you can also increase Research when being chased by the Twisted.

You obtain 5 Tapes, which then increases the Research level by 5% if you’re playing as any other character than Rodger. If you’ve unlocked Rodger, you can opt to play as him to speed up the Research grind, as he increases it by 10% instead! You can keep tabs on the Research level for each Twisted by opening up the Twisteds window, found on the main lobby screen.

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