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Not sure if Character RNG Codes exist yet? If there’s a list of codes below, then you’ve got a bunch of rewards waiting to be redeemed!

Visit the Character RNG Roblox page to play! The RNG genre seems to be a hot topic on Roblox right now, so don’t forget to check out our Magic RNG Codes and our Toilet RNG Codes guides.

Character RNG Codes

These RNG games thrive off of giving players freebies, thanks to the constant need for in-game currency. In Character RNG’s case, you need Diamonds to purchase special auras, as well as limited-time character skins. For instance, the Gino character costs 125 million Diamonds and is only available for a short while!

Active Codes

If there are codes that work, you’ll no doubt find them below!

  • Looks like there aren’t any codes right now! I’ve looked across the game’s social pages, and I can’t find any information regarding a code feature at all. It’s important to mention that the game is new so codes may be added in a future update. Once they arrive in Character RNG, this section will look much different! We plan to set up a list of all active codes for the game, so you can quickly get your freebies and get straight back to rolling.

If the game does get a code function, the most likely reward will be the Diamonds. Boosting potions are also a good shout, which can decrease your rolling cooldown and increase your luck!

How to Redeem Character RNG Codes

Ready to rumble? Pop those codes into the text box and get redeeming!

  • Well, well, well… looks like there aren’t any instructions here yet! We have an excuse though, as you can’t actually redeem codes in the game at the moment. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of the game featuring codes currently. Perhaps the devs plan to add codes once the game reaches a certain player count! Who knows? Either way, this guide is the best place to keep up to date with the code situation, so be sure to bookmark!

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