BREAKING: Disney Confirms New Lightning Lane Rule CHANGE for Canadian Visitors

There are some BIG changes coming to the Lightning Lane system in Disney World. Just got used to Genie+, Disney’s paid skip-the-line service? Well, it’s about to change.

New Lightning Lane changes are coming

We’ve been learning everything we can about these changes so that we can answer your biggest questions about the updates. As part of the new Lightning Lane Multi Pass (formerly Genie+) overhaul, a new, tiered system will be introduced for attractions. We’re still learning all the details, but so far, it sounds like the new Lightning Lane passes will give people the chance to make better plans ahead of their trip. But, there’s been one major problem.

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Starting July 24th, Genie+ will be known as Lightning Lane Multi-Pass, and Individual Lightning Lanes will be called Lightning Lane Single Pass. Disney has announced that beginning July 24th, you can:

  • Make Lightning Lane plans before you get to the parks
  • Choose your experiences and times before purchasing
  • Book Lightning Lane passes for multiple vacation days, all in a single day

Attraction Sign at Animal Kingdom directing Guests to Standby Line and Lightning Lane Entrances

So far, we know that Disney World hotel guests (and guests of other select hotels) will be able to plan Lightning Lane passes up to seven days in advance for their entire stay (up to 14 days). All other guests can plan up to three days in advance. And, at first, Disney included the caveat that you must be in the United States to purchase Lightning Lane passes and book them before your vacation.


When we recently asked a Disney World Cast Member, we were told, “Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Lightning Lane Single Pass features will be available to Guests from other countries, they will be able to begin their pre-arrival planning on the My Disney Experience Mobile App after they reach the United States.

Lightning Lane

This meant that international visitors could not purchase Lightning Lane passes or take advantage of the preplanning until they arrived in the United States, even if the 7-day planning window began before that. Naturally, many of our readers were NOT happy about this news.

Lightning Lane

Well, as of June 28th, Cast Members confirmed that Canadian visitors may continue to use the My Disney Experience app “after the launch of the pre-arrival purchasing and planning for Lightning Lane passes.” Translation: Both those in the U.S. AND Canada can plan their Lightning Lanes ahead of time with the My Disney Experience app.

Tower of Terror Lightning Lane sign

Keep in mind that we’re still waiting for more details about the new Lightning Lane Multi-Pass and Lightning Lane Single Pass, and it’s very possible this could change in the future. We’re predicting some bugs and other small issues when the new system launches. We’re still hoping that Disney will update the rules so that our international readers are able to take advantage of the early planning, too!

Lightning Lane at Beauty and the Beast show

As mentioned earlier, Disney will be (re)introducing a tiered system for Multi Pass rides. When preplanning those first three selections, you can choose one experience from a higher-tiered group and two experiences (or all three) from a lower-tiered group.

Lightning Lane at Expedition Everest

Things keep changing, so we will continue to share all the latest updates on these new Lightning Lane changes. Stay tuned to Disney Food Blog for more!

Learn More About the Changes Coming to Genie+ at Disney World HERE!

What do you think of the Genie+ changes? Tell us in the comments.

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