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Want to skip all the mid-units and know your options from the highest ranks? This Anime Impact Mythic Tier List does just that. Here, I rank every Mythical and higher rarity unit against each other so you know which performs the best of the best from the best! (Wowie, lot of bests here!).

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Anime Impact Mythic Tier List (July 2024)

Let’s get into the rankings including what each one means!


The absolute best units in the game! Amongst the top dogs, these are the OP units that you can’t go wrong with. Units here usually have an evolution too which only amplifies their stats making them worthy of S-Tier.

  • Jin Woo – Secret unit
  • Jin Woo (Monarch) – Secret unit evolution
  • Aizo (Traitor) – Mythical evolution
  • Pein (Almighty) – Mythical evolution
  • Ceru (Perfect) – Mythical evolution
  • Ceru – Mythical
  • Sage Narooto – Mythical evolution


Great alternatives to the S-Tier units if you need reliable and strong team fillers. These guys are strong, just not the absolute best.

  • Aizo – Mythical
  • Byakuyo (Cherry) – Mytchial evolution
  • Eneru (Kami) – Mythical evolution
  • Pein – Mythical
  • Sonade (100 Seal) – Mythical evolution
  • Narooto (Timeskip) – Mythical
  • Teen Guhen (Father-Son) – Mythical evolution
  • Goku (Ceru) – Mythical evolution


Considering their rarity, these units are a bit mid and mediocre. They’re average at best and I’d recommend them as an absolute last resort to bulk out your team.

  • Croc (Sandstorm) – Mythical evolution
  • Byakuyo – Mythical
  • Eneru – Mythical
  • Sonade – Mythical
  • Teen Guhen – Mythical
  • Hokage Minatu – Mythical evolution


Onto the weaker tiers, these units might seem decent compared to lower rarities, but against their peers, they’re not that great… I’d recommend performing more summons.

  • Croc – Mythical
  • Jonin Minatu – Mythical
  • Goku Namak – Mythical


I would not recommend using these Mythic units at all! Considering their rarity they’re the weakest of the bunch and don’t offer many benefits to your team overall.

  • There are currently no D-Tier ranking Mythic units! This is a good thing as all of your options are at least better than the absolute worst.

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