3 Reasons Why Disney World’s Refillable Mugs Aren’t the Hack Everyone Thinks They Are

We are all about saving money at Disney World!

Magic Kingdom

There are so many ways you can save money during your trip, such as bringing your own food and drinks into the parks, bringing your own water bottle to be refilled in the parks, buying Disney gift cards before your trip, and so much more! One money-saving “hack” that is popular at Disney World is purchasing the Resort Refillable Mugs.

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If you have ever stayed at or visited a Disney World resort, you may have seen plastic refillable mugs for sale. These 16-oz mugs look like coffee mugs and come in fun Disney World-themed designs! They are currently priced at $21.99 and are activated for a stay of up to 14 days. You can refill them an unlimited number of times with soda, coffee, and tea. 

Everything You Need to Know about Resort Refillable Mugs at Disney World

Resort Refillable Mug

Unlimited soda refills for $21.99? That sounds like a deal! Unfortunately, there are three things that people do not think about when purchasing these mugs!

Refillable Mugs Can Only Be Refilled at Resorts

While the refillable mug does offer unlimited refills, they can only be used at Disney World hotels. This means you can’t bring your mug with you to be refilled at any of the four parks. 

Refillable Resort Mugs

The good news is that these mugs can be refilled at ANY Disney World resort, so if you want to go resort hopping, make sure to bring your mug with you!

Drink Station at Drop Off Pool Bar

They are Bulky to Carry

We like to think of the Resort Refillable Mugs as the original Stanely Cup, but just like a Stanley, these bad boys can be bulky to carry around. 

Resort Refillable Mugs

Between the fear of the mug leaking in your bag and trying to find a way to carry it, going around the resort with a refillable mug can be a pain. 

Resort Refillable Mug

The refillable mugs are a good idea if you are planning to take them to the pool for a pool day, but trying to bring them to the parks (where they can’t be refilled) can be a pain. 

Drink Station at Caribbean Beach Resort’s Banana Cabana Pool Bar

You Have to Walk to the Refill Station

Some Disney World resorts are spread out and only have one or just a few refill stations. For example, if you are staying at Old Key West or Saratoga Springs, it can be a pain to walk to a refill station.

Drink station

You have to be honest with yourself and ask if you would be willing to wake up earlier in the morning to make sure you have enough time to refill your mug. You also have to ask yourself if you are willing to make the trek to the refill station after a long work day.

Drink station at Art of Animation

Have Groceries Delivered to Your Room

If you and your entire party are looking to purchase a refillable mug, it can get expensive, especially since the mugs are $21.99 each. 

Refillable Mug

A popular option is to have groceries delivered to your hotel room. Different grocery delivery apps offer this service. We like to use Kroger Delivery for our groceries when we stay at Disney World!

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering Kroger Grocery Delivery to Disney World

Kroger Delivery

You can order a case of water and other cases of soda to keep in your room. This way, your family can have access to drinks without having to purchase a refillable mug and worry about going to the refill station. 

Kroger Delivery

If you are team refillable mug, we totally get it! When we see these mugs, we feel like we are finally on vacation, and they can even be the first thing that people purchase when they arrive at their hotel. Plus, you can take the refillable mug home with you as a souvenir to remember your trip! For us though, we tend to stray away from buying the refillable mug due to those three main issues. 

Secret Tip for Resort Refillable Mugs at Disney World!



Oh boy, planning a Disney trip can be quite the adventure, and we totally get it! But fear not, dear friends, we compiled EVERYTHING you need (and the things to avoid!) to plan the ULTIMATE Disney vacation.

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, our insider tips and tricks will have you exploring the parks like never before. So come along with us, and get planning your most magical vacation ever!

Do you buy a refillable mug when you go to Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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