RE: XL Evolved Abilities Guide – How To Evolve Abilities!

This RE: XL Evolved Abilities Guide tells you all about this evolution lineage from which abilities evolve, how to do it and if you should!

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RE: XL Evolved Abilities Guide

Abilities come in different rarities and offer new movesets to the user typically inspired by popular anime moves. Not every Ability enjoys an evolution and those that do see a huge power surge when evolved.

Evolution Requirements

Currently, only 4 Abilities in RE: XL evolve; Black Leg Style, Shock Fist, Blazing Knight and Burning Spear. Naturally, to evolve them you’ll need to first obtain the default Ability. In the main square, the NPC Fortuneteller Baba sells these Abilities. Sadly, you don’t get the luxury of choice and your Ability is randomly assigned from a huge roster like a gamble.

It costs 5,000 Cash to purchase an Arrow from Fortuneteller Baba to get your assigned Ability. Before you use the arrow, you’ll also need enough Rokakaka. Thankfully, she also sells this for a cheaper 3,500 Cash.

Evolved Abilities

When you’ve obtained one of the Abilities capable of evolution then your next step is to reach level 500 Mastery with the Ability so it maxes at its full potential. This is easy work and you increase your Mastery every time you enter combat against other players, bosses, mobs and even training dummies.

Finally, absorbing a stone which correlates to your Ability will trigger an evolution that resets your Mastery but has the payoff of a significant stat boost. Think of it like prestige.

  • Black Leg Style – requires Fire Stone
  • Shock Fist – requires Lightning Stone
  • Blazing Knight – requires Fire Stone
  • Blazing Spear – requires Fire Stone

Luckily, Fortuneteller Baba also sells the evolutionary stones needed for a pricey 50,000 Cash each. You should easily earn this cash whilst levelling up your Ability Mastery. Silver linings and all that.

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