Netmarble’s Beat ‘Em Up King Of Fighters ALLSTAR Is Shutting Down Soon

Did you like playing Netmarble’s beat ’em up title King of Fighters ALLSTAR? Too bad, then, because it’s shutting down this year. The announcement popped up on the official Netmarble forums recently and it’s actually a bummer.

Action RPG King of Fighters ALLSTAR is shutting down in October 2024. October 30th is the day, to be precise. And if you’re itching to spend those in-game coins, it’s too late! They’ve shut down the in-game store on June 26th, 2024 already.

Why Is King of Fighters ALLSTAR Shutting Down?

King of Fighters ALLSTAR has been kicking it for over six years. It’s been dishing out punches and combos with a plethora of high-profile fighting game crossovers. Built on the legendary King of Fighters series from SNK, which is a cornerstone in fighting game history.

Looking at the reviews, the game was pretty much doing good. Players love playing it for its super-neat animations and PvP matches. So, what went wrong? Well, the devs hinted that they might’ve run out of fighters to adapt. But that’s probably just one piece of the puzzle. We can only guess there’s more behind the curtain.

King of Fighters ALLSTAR actually had its share of hiccups, too. Recently, there were quite a few optimization issues and random crashes, which got some players pretty riled up. Despite those bumps, it racked up millions of downloads on Google Play and the App Store.

Anyhow, if you’re yet to try it out, you’ve got around four months to do so. Try out some of the legendary matches that the game offers. Go check it out on the Google Play Store before the servers go dark in October.

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