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Want a bit of extra help getting through the dangers of the floors? Well, Dandy’s World Trinkets are a great way to net yourself a buff to get the upper hand. What are Trinkets? How do you get them? What do each of them do? That’s what our guide is all about! Read on to find out all the info you need to know.

Dandy’s World is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Dandy’s World Twisteds guide, for things you really don’t want to find in-game.

Dandy’s World Trinkets Guide

Here we go!

About Trinkets

Trinkets are items you can equip to your character when descending into a run. Each Trinket comes with a different buff that can help you in your gameplay. You generally buy Trinkets in The Shop, which you find in the Lobby area by talking to Dandy. You purchase them with Ichor, though you may need to reach some achievements in-game to unlock some Trinkets. Others are available off the bat.

Trinket List

Here are all the Trinkets available in the game so far.


  • 1000 Ichor from The Shop
  • Must survive 50 floors to unlock.
  • Increases your speed by 25% in Panic Mode.

Coin Purse

  • 250 Ichor from The Shop
  • Start a run with 30 more Tapes.

Machine Manual

  • 350 Ichor from The Shop
  • Gives you a 5% faster machine-operating speed.

Speedy Shoes

  • 400 Ichor from The Shop
  • Increases your speed by 5%.


  • 450 Ichor from The Shop
  • Gives 15 extra Stamina.


  • 1250 Ichor from The Shop
  • You must Survive 50 floors, and a pick up 50 items to unlock it.
  • Restores 50 Stamina on starting a floor.

Thinking Cap

  • 750 Ichor from The Shop, you must complete 30 machine activations to unlock.
  • Increases the size of the Skill Check target bar, making checks easier.


  • 325 Ichor from The Shop
  • Partially completes the first machine you interact with on a Floor.

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