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It’s a good idea to use a Dandy’s World Toons tier list before you start spending your Ichor!

See which Toons you can unlock by visiting the Dandy’s World Roblox page. Curious about the story behind Dandy’s World? Have a read of our Dandy’s World Lore theories!

Dandy’s World Toons Tier List

Which Toons should you work towards unlocking first?

S Tier

The best Toons to use in Dandy’s World.

  • Boxten
    • Extraction Speed is increased by 6% and depending on how many Toons are still alive in the party, it can stack up to 48%! This is a massive speed boost when working on the Extractor Machine, allowing you to move on to the next efficiently
    • Considering he’s one of the free Toons, he’s excellent for speeding up the Extraction process, helping the team progress to the next floor quickly
  • Brightney
    • Extremely useful during a Blackout! Though Blackouts don’t happen all the time, you’ll be grateful to have a Brightney on your team when they do occur. This is because she reveals the locations of all Twisteds for a total of 8 seconds during a Blackout, allowing the team to manoeuvre around them stealthily
  • Vee
    • Similarly to Brightney, Vee can also reveal the locations of Twisteds. Instead of relying on a Blackout, Vee can perform this Active Ability for 5 seconds whenever the cooldown ends (60 seconds)
    • Additionally, Vee’s passive ability reveals the closest empty Extractor Machine

A Tier

Strong Toons that are worth prioritising after you unlock those in the S-tier!

  • Astro
    • To be honest, the only reason why Astro is in this tier and not in the S-tier is mainly because of his weak stats. His abilities make up for it!
    • With an Astro in your team, you should gather everyone together so that he can activate his Active Ability, which replenishes 50% Stamina for all Toons
    • Secondly, the passive ability of Astro speeds up the restoration of Stamina by 50%!
  • Poppy
    • A great starter Toon! She’s great for when you’re getting used to how the game works, as her movement speed is increased by 50% whenever she gets hit by a Twisted
    • This makes it much easier for her to get away from Twisteds and to get out of the aggro range
  • Rodger
    • Rodger is the Toon to use when you plan to grind the Research progress for Twisteds. You need to do this to unlock the Twisted Trinkets for your characters!
    • The reason why he’s the best to use for this is because the Research you pick up and obtain is doubled

B Tier

Situational Toons!

  • Goob
    • Situational at best, Goob can drag a teammate to wherever he’s standing. It’s useful for when you spot a teammate being chased, but at the end of the day, a lot of the party are going to be split up doing their own thing as they search for Extractor Machines
  • Razzle & Dazzle
    • Again, a situational Toon. The movement speed of Razzle & Dazzle increases if the floor you’re on is an odd number, and extraction speed is increased when the floor is an even number
  • Scraps
    • Similar to Goob, Scraps can drag herself to where a Toon stands, instead of dragging that Toon towards her

C Tier

These Toons aren’t bad, but they’re not the best to use if you want to progress through a bunch of floors.

  • Pebble
    • Pebbles can find items across the map! It’s useful, but in terms of how much it helps your teammates during a match, it’s not the best
  • Toodles
    • A stat is randomly boosted by 15% when using the Active Ability, this buff only lasts for 10 seconds

D Tier

The worst Toons to unlock and use.

  • Shrimpo
    • The only ability Shrimpo has is being much slower than any other Toon, making him practically useless

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