Type Soul Fishbone Guide – A Beginner’s Guide To Hollow Life

Feature image for our Type Soul Fishbone guide. It shows a Fishbone Hollow running with a Menos Hollow in the background firing a Cero laser.

So it’s Type Soul and you’ve picked the Hollow path and.. oh no, why is everything killing you? Welcome to life as a Fishbone. It’s no picnic.. though you will be eating a lot if you want to advance. That’s what our Type Soul Fishbone guide is here for. We’re going to help you get out of the trash tier of Hollow society, and onto something better.

Want to play some Type Soul yourself? Check out Roblox. We run over the entire evolution chain broadly in our Type Soul Hollow Progression guide, too.

Type Soul Fishbone Guide

Right, let’s get down to it.

How To Become A Fishbone

A Fishbone is the start of the Hollow upgrade tree. On becoming a Hollow you teleport straight in Hueco Mundo as a Fishbone. You’ll notice straight off that there’s not that much you can do. Your moveset is limited, you can’t use a weapon, you can’t use Cero, and you’re comparatively weak in a fight.

Evolving From A Fishbone

So, what now? We’re glad you asked. The goal as a Fishbone if to gain enough XP to evolve into a Gillian Menos. You do this by eating other Hollows. (Default command is pressing B over a dead Hollow.) There are simple ways to do this.

  • Attack other Fishbones and consume them until you evolve.
  • Attack one NPC Menos and eat the body to immediately evolve.
  • Stealth around and look for Hollow bodies killed by other enemies and players to eat. (But be polite and don’t steal from other player Hollows unless you want to attract some aggro.)

What Not To Do As A Fishbone

Given your place on the Hueco Mundo foodchain, there are a few things that aren’t a good idea to do as a Fishbone Hollow. We’ve gone over a few below.

  • Avoid Humanoid Players – You may see Arrancar around the area, or even worse, visiting Shinigami or Quincies. Chances are these are players who can kill you, especially in the higher grades. They might not be out for PVP.. but they could mistake you for a wandering NPC Hollow and take you out. It’s best to keep a safe distance, or at least left them know you’re a player Hollow.
  • Avoid Adjuchas – If you’re chasing some Hollows and see one with spikes on its back and a fox-like mask, head right in the other direction. That’s an Adjuchas and they’re a stronger form of Hollow you don’t want to deal with right now.
  • Stay in Hueco Mundo Servers – You can easily swap servers to other locations, but it’s not your best bet right now. Places like Karakura Town and Wandenreich will invite PVP and you’re not really equipped for it yet.

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