Short Creepy Stories Deadly Content Guide

Feature image for our Short Creepy Stories Deadly Content guide. It shows an in-game screen of a ghostly figure peeking at the viewer around a hospital screen.

Want to find your way out of the haunted hospital, with nothing but a flashlight, a camera, and the nerve to face the ghosties? We’re here to help! Our Short Creepy Stories Deadly Content guide is all about the story of some YouTubers getting in way over their head.

Short Creepy Stories is out now on Roblox, with Deadly Content forming one of the various chapters. If you want to survive some more scary locations, why not try our The Long Drive Svintusov guide.

Short Creepy Stories Deadly Content Guide

In Deadly Content, you’re a content creator who sets out to find footage of the paranormal… but unfortunately, the paranormal has found you in a way you didn’t really expect.

Your Camera

A big part of Deadly Content is using your camera. If using a keyboard, the default key is C. Using the camera lets you look through its viewfinder, and you might find things look a little.. different seen through the lens.

Look for the sign pictured above for times when you should take a look through your camera, you might fight something useful.

Walkthrough – With Scares Mentioned

Here we go through the whole thing step-by-step. If you don’t want it spoiled we suggest going through it on your own and trying to figure it out, but if you get stuck, this should help.

  • You start in the hotel. Head to the coffee table in the lobby, look at the dossier, then head for the door. You’ll then find yourself in a spooky abandoned hospital
  • First, you need to find the men’s bathroom. Head to a toilet that’s covered in bloo- tomato ketchup, and pick up the key on the seat. There might be some company waiting for you in the stall.
  • Head to the treatment room in the main corridor. There might also be a friend in there too. Go inside and pick up the needle on the gurney.
  • Once you have the needle, head to the women’s bathroom and activate your camera. You’ll find something sitting on one of the toilets that wants the needle. Equip it and use it on them. Take the Cabinet Key from their mouth. (Ew.)
  • Head to the Cabinet. Don’t lose your head, though the security guard might. Grab the projector remote. Sadly, you can’t use the remote yet, because the power cuts out.
  • You can’t do anything with the power switch, but that’s okay. This is where things get a little strange.
  • Head back to the front desk area and you’ll find a door open next to it, with the symbol on. Open your camera and…
  • Oh. It looks a lot meatier than before. Head in through the now missing wall, avoiding the hands, and you’ll be in an unsettling version of the hospital area, with meat on the walls. Lovely!
  • You’ll be hunted while you’re in meatverse, so don’t waste time. Head straight for the power switch location and interact with it, before running back to the room by the front desk, and going through the wall again, back into the normal world.
  • Now you can use the projector, so go to the Administration room, next to the exit, and use the remote to turn it on. Make a note of the code shown on the screen.
  • Head to the Therapist room, and use the code to open the safe. This should give you an ominous note, and also give you a key to the second floor.
  • Head up the stairs to the second floor. Watch out for a body on a gurney, he’s a little lively.
  • Look for a door with the symbol on. Turn your camera on to make the door disappear.
  • In the room beyond, you should see a hammer on a trolley. You need the hammer, but the second floor’s resident might try to stop you, use the camera to see and avoid her.
  • Once you have the hammer, take it over to the exit door to destroy the planks blocking the exit and escape.

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