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You are only granted one wish, so what do you wish for? You must tell me now! This RE XL Dragon Balls Guide tells you all about this item from obtainment and use to the different kinds of wishes you can ask Shenron the almighty dragon for.

Check out RE: XL over on Roblox! For more content on this game, check out our Project XL Tier List ranking each Ability and our Best Wishes to Ask Project XL Shenron For Guide. Don’t worry, these guides remain relevant! The game has simply undergone a name change and facelift as a new DEV has taken over the Project.

RE: XL Dragon Balls Guide

The Dragon Balls naturally take inspiration from those from the DBZ franchise. This core part of lore requires a person to obtain all 7 to summon Shenron the dragon who grants only one wish before dispursing the Dragon Balls at random. In RE XL, the Dragon Balls have a slim 8% drop chance from any boss in-game.

Current RE XL Bosses

  • Zoro (Pre-TS)
  • Zoro (Post-TS)
  • Enel – Server Boss

Farming the bosses isn’t an easy feat as to use the Dragon Balls, you must obtain all 7. Each Dragon Ball is numbered by the amount of stars visible on its surface. Whilst grinding you’re likely to obtain duplicates which do not count towards your 7 Dragon Ball requirement. If you use the same Dragon Ball twice, it will delete the Dragon Ball with no refund. To check on your progress, head to the Stats tab where it displays your stored Dragon Balls.

Shenron Wishes

After obtaining all 7 Dragon Balls and summoning Shenron, you have a few dialogue options which determine your reward:

  • I want to be reborn!
    • Spins for a random Legendary race with a small chance of becoming a Mythical race
  • I want to be stronger!
  • I want to be the strongest!
    • Obtain 1x Requiem Arrow (Must be level 1000 to use and resets level on use)
  • I want the strongest skill!
    • Receive a Legendary Spec (Discluding Uchiha Eyes)
  • I want better clothes!
    • Receive Legendary rarity armour (Must be level 1000)

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