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If you want to know which of the RE XL Classes suits your play style more, you’ll find all you need to know in this guide!

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RE XL Classes

Which class do you like best?


The Blaster is a fully-fledged DPS class. All DMG gets a 25% buff when attacking enemies, which is a massive spike in numbers when it comes down to it. If you manage to get a critical hit, this DMG is increased even more. A Blaster working alongside a Bruiser is the dream team!


The Tactician is, you guessed it, tactical in their approach! Every ability has its cooldown lowered by 25%, making it more feasible to unleash a range of skills in a short amount of time.


The Bruiser class receives 25% less DMG when attacked by the enemy. This makes a huge difference against larger mobs and bosses, as 25% of your HP can be what helps you scrape by in a tricky fight!

On top of that, the DMG you do receive is reflected back to the enemy. Well, 10% of the DMG at least! Basically, the Bruiser class is great at defense and dealing some of that DMG back. They can easily be used as a Tank in any party.


The Generalist class is by far the most useless and dull. This is mainly because it receives no buffs and no other special skills. It’s a standard class that doesn’t stand out at all. I’d even go so far as to say it doesn’t even count as a class.


Scrappers love a good fight, especially if it replenishes some of their HP! Scaling off of the DMG you deal to an enemy, your HP regenerates by 10%. In its simplest form, this ability counts as a Lifesteal skill, making them self-sufficient in battle.


The name says it all! Infiltrators can infiltrate a battle by dodging incoming attacks and striking with a critical hit. This all depends on RNG though, as the dodge chance is around 20% and the critical hit chance is 30%. Still, it’s better than nothing!

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