Murder Mystery S Codes Guide – Does The Game Have Codes?

Feature image for our Murder Mystery S codes guide. It shows a player receiving an Elite Knife item.

Looking for a weapon upgrade? You’re not the only one! Our Murder Mystery S codes guide set out to look for any functional promo codes for the modded MM2 game.

Murder Mystery S is free to play right now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Big’s Murder Mystery 2 codes guide.

Murder Mystery S Codes Guide

First, we’ll try and find some active codes, then we’ll look into how to redeem them. Finally, we’ll see if we can sniff out some other easy bonuses.

Are There Any Codes Right Now?

We check in-game and through any official sources to look for working codes. Below are our findings.

  • There are no working codes right now, as far as we could tell.

How To Redeem Codes

So if the game built to handle codes at all? That’s a good question! Fortunately, we were able to find a code redemption mechanic in-game. It runs as follows.

  • Load into Murder Mystery S’ Lobby. Unlike other modded MM2 games we’ve found, Murder Mystery S needs you to pay for private servers, so unless you want to cough up 10 Robux you need to enter codes in between rounds.
  • In the lobby, hit the crate icon on your left to open your inventory.
  • Look for a codes box in the bottom right corner of the inventory.
  • Enter codes into the text box there.
  • Hit the grey ‘Redeem’ button.
  • You should see a redemption window appear with a picture of the weapon.
  • Hit the button underneath the picture, named ‘Claim’.
  • All done! You should find any weapon in your inventory.

If you’re a regular player of MM2-type Roblox games, this is probably pretty familiar.

Other Ways To Get Free Rewards

So we’ve got no codes right now, are there other ways to get extra stuff?

  • Elite Set – On entering the game we got the Elite knife straight off the bat without having to do anything, nice!

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