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Read this guide to find out how to get Candy in Anime Impact for your evolutions! All evolution recipes require Candy.

It’s time to get crafty in Anime Impact! To learn more about evolutions, we’ve got an Anime Impact Evolutions guide, and to see which units we recommend, check out our Anime Impact Tier List.

How to Get Candy in Anime Impact

If you have Mythic units that you want to evolve, you need a lot of Candy! The only way to evolve Mythics is by collecting and using Candy, and plenty of it. It takes a bit of time to gather plenty of Candy, so it’s best to just enjoy the game and focus on content that rewards you with the resource.

What is Candy?

Candy is a resource that you can use to craft evolution items, which are then used to evolve your units! Keep in mind that only Mythic units can evolve.

Specific craftable items are required for certain units to evolve, and each of these items has a different crafting recipe. However, they all have one thing in common, they need Candy! The amount per colour depends on the item you’re crafting.

There are 6 different colours of Candy to obtain:

  • Yellow Candy
  • Pink Candy
  • Orange Candy
  • Green Candy
  • Red Candy
  • Blue Candy

How to Obtain Candy

All types of Candy have a similar drop rate chance, with no colours being rarer than others as of right now. There are 3 ways to obtain Candy in general. The 2 overlapping methods are purchasing from the Limited Shop in-game, or playing Infinite Mode and reaching wave 20 and above.

The 3rd method targets specific colours of Candy. Each colour has its own challenge mode, which rewards you with that type of Candy upon completion. While in the lobby, look for the orange Challenge Mode screens. Each screen displays a challenge, with the colour of Candy that is given to you if you beat it.

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