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Unhappy with your unit’s stats? Time to get some Anime Impact Soul Tickets! If you don’t know how to obtain them, read on…

Maybe you’ve got some spare Soul Tickets! Dive into Anime Impact to find out. Now that you know how to get Soul Tickets, have a read of our How to Get Candy in Anime Impact guide!

Anime Impact Soul Tickets

Soul Tickets are used to reroll the stats of a unit. There are 2 types of Soul Tickets to obtain: a standard Soul Ticket and a Premium Soul Ticket. The former rerolls all of your stats, which sounds good, but means your strong stats may get wiped. The latter rerolls just 1 stat!

How to Get Soul Tickets

While you can purchase both the standard and Premium Soul Tickets from the Limited Shop, there are multiple methods of obtainment.

Standard Soul Tickets

There are plenty of ways to obtain standard Soul Tickets in Anime Impact. The easiest method is to play through the game’s story mode. Certain missions reward you with Soul Tickets. The best thing to do is to complete the story mode as soon as possible!

Like obtaining Candy, there are also Challenge Modes that specialise in Soul Tickets! When looking at the challenge board, make sure you pick the ones that mention Soul Tickets are a reward. You need to beat the challenge though to get them! Additionally, the Infinite Mode rewards you with Soul Tickets when you reach wave 100.

You also have a chance to obtain a Soul Ticket just by evolving your units. This is one of the more time-consuming ways to get the tickets, but it’s good to know for when you do eventually evolve your favourite characters.

Premium Soul Tickets

Apart from buying them from the Limited Shop, the only other way to obtain a Premium Soul Ticket is by evolving your units. While the pros of using a Premium Soul Ticket are useful, I recommend going for a standard one, as they’re much easier to obtain.

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