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What roams the darkness of the lower levels? Our Dandy’s World Twisteds guide is here to tell you before you find out.

Dandy’s World is playable now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Dandy’s World characters guide with info on the normal versions of the characters.

Dandy’s World Twisteds Guide

First, we’ll talk about what a Twisted is, then a bit about the different kinds.

What Are Twisteds?

The Twisteds are creepy, corrupted versions of the Toons that wander the levels of the facility. They’re very territorial and aggressive, so if they spot a Toon wandering around, they’ll chase and attack it. That’s bad news for you!

Dandy’s World Twisteds Types

Let’s discuss the different types of Twisted.

Twisted Astro

This Twisted can drain progress from Ichor machines, though only if you fail a skill check.

His research reads:

  • “One of the Main Characters of Dandy’s World. Overwhelmed by guilt and despair, this Twisted puts his grief on others. If you fail a Skill Check while on a machine and hide from him, Astro will steal completion from that Machine. Skill Check carefully!”

Twisted Brightney

This lamp-headed Twisted chases in the usual way, but she has a special trick up her sleeve. Her presence on the level increases the likelihood of a Blackout.

Her Research description reads:

  • “A more uncommon Twisted, Brightney uses her knowledge and cunning to tamper with the lighting system, increasing the chance of a Blackout occurring on the Floor she resides in. Be sure to come prepared if this happens!”

Twisted Boxten

A common Twisted with no unexpected tricks.

His Research description reads:

  • “One of the most common Twisteds you’ll encounter. Overcome by Ichor, this Twisted has the innate urge to chase others down. Thankfully, it appears that this Twisted doesn’t have any abilites to aid him.”

Twisted Goob

This Twisted has a long reach with his extending arms. Try and put something between you and him!

His research reads:

  • “Underestimating this Twisted’s capabilities will be fatal. This Twisted is quite dangerous, due to his ability to outstretch his arms and snatch up Toons. If you spot this Twisted get out of sight as soon as possible!”

Twisted Pebble

A large Twisted that chases any Toon it detects. Don’t be fooled by its hulking shape, this monster is very past.

Its Research reads:

  • “One of the Main Characters of Dandy’s World. This ferocious beast will stop at nothing to defend his owner and protect his territory. Highly dangerous due to his immense speed and powerful eyesight.”

Twisted Poppy

Another common and familiar Twisted. Like Boxten, Poppy doesn’t have any unusual abilities or behavior.

Her Research description reads:

  • “One of the most common Twisteds you’ll encounter. Overcome by Ichor, this Twisted has the innate urge to chase others down. Thankfully, it appears that this Twisted doesn’t have any abilities to aid her.”

Twisted Razzle And Dazzle

This Twisted sits in one spot, and seemingly doesn’t attack you. They won’t! Unless, that is, you get too close. Then you disturb them, causing them to viciously attack you at close range. Keep your distance as much as you can!

Their Research reads:

  • “Be sure to tread lightly around this Twisted, or you will regret it. This Twisted will wake up and attack Toons that sprint past. If left undisturbed they will fall back asleep. Walk slow and cautiously around them.”

Twisted Rodger

This sneak Twisted pretends to be a piece of Research! When you try and pick up the item, it’ll pop out and attack you!

His Research reads:

“This deceptive Twisted lures unsuspecting Toons with the promise of knowledge. When the opportunity strikes, this Twisted rises from the ground and attacks any Toon who ventures too close. Be sure to have a keen and careful eye!”

Twisted Shrimpo

A common Twisted that moves slowly, but may keep following you for a longer time than others do.

“While this Twisted is more common than others, Shrimpo is not to be messed with. Overcome by Ichor, this Twisted’s bullying has become deadly. He may be slower than the average Twisted, but he has trained eyesight for Toons to bully. Don’t get caught!”

Twisted Toodles

The opposite to Shrimpo, Twisted Toodles is a speed demon. If she spots you she’ll run in your direction at speed. Fortunately, she won’t chase you for long.

Her Research description reads:

  • “Do not let this Twisted’s size fool you. Toodles is a volatile Twisted that chases Toons with her high speed. Thankfully, this Twisted’s attention span is rather low, so if you can get out of sight you should be safe from her.”

Twisted Scraps

This character can snatch unsuspecting Toons with her extending tail. Like Goob, try and put something between you and her.

Her Research reads:

  • “This Twisted is similar to her brother Goob in terms of abilities. She possesses a snake-like tail that she can outstretch and attack Toons from a great distance. Be sure to get out of sight when you see her!”

Twisted Vee

Twisted Vee brings the scariest power… ads! This screen-headed monster projects pop-up ads onto you screen, obscuring your visions.

Her Research reads:

  • “One of the Main Characters of Dandy’s World. This Twisted has eyes everywhere, messing up Machines would not be advised. She will also attempt to distract Toons with worthless ads and pop-ups while she goes for the kill.”

Twisted Dandy

This monstrosity may spawn if no-one buys anything from Dandy’s shop in between rounds. He is extremely strong, and his hit automatically kill, it doesn’t matter how big your health bar is

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