As more bugs are uncovered, Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead reminds players that not every datamine is worth getting excited about

In light of some chat about fresly datamined Termind models finding their way into the game’s Discord server, a community manager for Helldivers 2 has emphasised to players why it doesn’t acknowledge or take questions on leaks like this via official channels.

In recent months, a fair few models and images seemingly lurking in the game’s backend have hit Reddit, with some being related to a long-rumoured faction addition, The Illuminate. The latest to emerge are some Terminid models, with one being a Bile Charger that the leaker behind it suggested will explode into a bunch of acid on death and the other being The Impaler from the first Helldivers.

Some player chatter about these discoveries looks to have seeped from Reddit into Helldivers 2’s official Discord server, leading one of Arrowhead’s community managers to respond to folks asking about it by outlining the studio’s current stance when it comes to leaks.

“The thing is, to offer some context, that we never comment on leaks nor discuss them. Why? There’s simply no upside for neither us nor you, ” they said. “Sure, we get that some are curious. Still, stuff that’s been pulled in datamining can be scrapped ideas, ancient stuff, newer stuff, work in progress or confirmed for all we know, but since users never know what is what – and first and foremost since we want to offer new content to players as pleasant surprises and not blurt out everything that might or might not be planned in advance – we don’t talk about it much.”

Arrowhead community manager Twinbeard's comment on the Helldivers 2 Discord server.
Image credit: VG247

“Que sera, sera, what will be will be, all good things come to those who wait, etc,” they added, “I hope that is satisfactory, or if not at least an explanation of why we don’t discuss them.”

So, there you go. With the Galactic War arguably in a bit of a lull in terms of new, interesting developments at the moment, it’s understandable the folks are paying more attention than ever to what dataminers are up to, but maybe take what you see unearthed with a grain of salt in terms of expecting it all to pop-up in game.

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