Anime Impact Soul Ticket Guide

Despite the name a Soul Ticket isn’t your entry to a Soul King gig (sorry). This Anime Impact Soul Ticket Guide outlines what this item is, what it does and how to get it!

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Anime Impact Soul Ticket Guide

The Soul Ticket sounds rather extreme but it’s a hugely beneficial item. One ticket will reroll the Grades across one of your units and essentially edit their Soul.

To check existing Grades and reroll, head to the blue building in spawn, or select ‘Teleport’ from the left side of the game and press ‘Lab’ to fast-travel. Now, head to the ‘Stat Reroll’ circle and input a unit when the pop-up triggers to check their current Grades, Worthiness and your Soul Ticket allowance.

Using a Soul Ticket rerolls all Grades on your chosen unit. This includes their Strength, Defense and HP. Ideally, you’ll want to roll for a higher grade than your existing set. This isn’t guaranteed and works similarly to a gamble, however.

If you have one really decent Grade and the rest are lacklustre, a Premium Soul Ticket will reroll one Grade and leave the rest untouched. You obtain Premium Soul Tickets through Tengen’s Shop and through reaching wave 100 of Infinite Mode.

How To Get Soul Tickets

Soul Tickets come easier than their more refined Premium Soul Ticket counterpart.

  • Challenges – Playing the core game
  • Infinite Mode – Wave 70 for a guaranteed drop
  • Codes – Redeeming codes is the easiest route if they’re available as a one-time reward


As mentioned, you view a unit’s Worthiness in the Stat Reroll area. Worthiness determines how lucky your unit will be during stat rerolls and the higher the Worthiness, the more likely you become to get better Grades.

To increase your unit’s Worthiness you simply need to use them in-game and have them try out their move sets in battle. Once a unit has 100% Worthiness, you’re guaranteed a minimum stat of B across all Grades when rerolling.

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