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Before you equip a unit with a blessing, make sure it’s a good’un with our Anime Impact blessings tier list!

To gather some blessings, visit Anime Impact! We also have an Anime Impact Souls Ticket guide, which teaches you how to use Soul Tickets to reroll your stats and where to get them.

Anime Impact Blessings Tier List

The best blessings are blessings indeed!

S Tier

  • Immortal (Mythic)
    • With both Magic ATK and general ATK stats receiving a 30% boost, Immortal is the best blessing in the game by far
    • Your HP also gets a 15% buff, but you can also regenerate HP every turn – the amount you regenerate depends on your maximum HP stat!
  • Emperor (Mythic)
    • This blessing provides a 65% buff to both your ATK and Magic ATK stats
    • Your HP increases by a massive 55%! This blessing allows you to deal over double the amount of DMG and grants you double your original HP
  • Prodigy (Legendary)
    • While the buff from this blessing isn’t as strong as the other 2 blessings in this tier, the EXP bonus that you get with this blessing equipped is very useful! You now earn 35% more EXP, making it much easier to level up

A Tier

  • Titan (Mythic)
    • Your DEF is much higher with the Titan blessing, with your general and Magic DEF stats increasing by 20%
    • Your HP stat gets a 40% boost too! This makes any unit extremely tanky and able to withstand plenty of DMG
  • Dragon (Mythic)
    • Your Magic ATK, normal ATK, and HP all equally get a 20% boost
    • An all-around great blessing!
  • Pierce (Legendary)
    • The chance of your unit performing a critical hit increases by 20%
  • Sniper (Legendary)
    • A unit’s accuracy receives a 7% boost
    • Very useful for ranged DPS units

B Tier

  • Ghost (Mythic)
    • Despite being a Mythic blessing, I’m not the biggest fan of this one!
    • While this blessing increases the Speed stat by 8, the 5% boost to Limit Evasion and the 6% Evasion buff are pretty lacklustre
  • Unity (Legendary)
    • I really like the buffs that this blessing gives, but it all depends on if your team contains units from the same franchise – this sounds easy to do, but with the obtainment of units being based on RNG, it’s tough!
    • Then again, even if you do meet the requirements, this buff only stacks to 15% , with 5% being the base
  • Strength (Rare)
    • There’s nothing wrong with a blessing that increases your DMG! Especially if it can stack 3 times to 15%

C Tier

  • Precision (Rare)
    • Accuracy is great, but when it’s only a 2% buff, it’s unimpressive
    • It can stack by an extra 2% for each tier, but it still doesn’t equate to much

D Tier

  • Fast (Rare)
    • This blessing buffs 2 of your stats: Evasion and Speed, with an extra boost to your turn speed and evasion chance
    • It sounds good on paper, but this buff only adds an additional +1 for each stack, and it can only stack up to 3 times

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