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It’s just about the time of the month when a regular App Store update arrives for Marvel Snap (Free), and wouldn’t you know it? Here it is! The last over-the-air update for the game pretty much flipped the meta on its head in one fell swoop, so what will developers Second Dinner do for an encore? Would you believe… nothing? Yes, this is the first update in quite some time that doesn’t touch the cards at all, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to offer. Let’s take a look!

First of all, with Marvel’s next movie Deadpool & Wolverine on the immediate horizon, we can expect Marvel Snap (and probably most other Marvel apps) to give some extra love to the titular pair in July. There is a new Character Album feature being introduced that allows you to collect various cards for one particular character, getting some nice rewards as you fill it out. More or less the same deal as the other themed albums we currently have, but focused on one hero. And hey, look at this: the first Character Albums are for Deadpool and Wolverine!

I’m not sure who’s banging the pot lid for Collectible Borders, but you can now find them in many more places. You’ll now see them in the Season Pass, as Conquest Shop items, and even as Login Bonuses. Indeed, they have been appearing as that last thing in the current set of Login goodies. Personally, I don’t really use them and I can’t imagine a case where I would exchange valuable in-game currencies for them, but maybe you love them? If so, here you go.

As to the cards themselves, the only changes are edits to the text to make things more consistent and understandable. No actual balance adjustments at all, which is weird. Real weird. I fear for that next OTA update now. There are some new visual and audio FX here, plus some bug fixes. All par for the course there. And that’s it! Perhaps we’ll get more when the next update hits with the new season, whatever that may be. Snikt.

This is not related to the update, but hey, tips for using Phastos.

What do you think about this update? Did you want to see more balance changes, or are you relieved they didn’t come for your latest deck? Feel free to sound off in the comments below, as usual!

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