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With so many allies and variations to collect, you’re gonna need a Nu Carnival tier list to help you out! Some allies are limited-run and others are available at all times. No matter their rarity, you can find them ranked somewhere in this guide.

Nu Carnival is a fantasy game that is available on mobile devices and PC. Ultimately, it’s a fantasy game, but there’s romance thrown in too! It’s got an engaging storyline, but the main feature is the character interactions. Unlock a variety of cutscenes with each guy, all voice acted by the talented cast. Fancy a battle? Nu Carnival’s got that too, with clan-based combat.

Learn more about Nu Carnival via the game’s official website – where you can also download the PC version! If you like this style of game, why not have a read of our What in Hell is Bad Satan character profile and our What in Hell is Bad codes guide?

Nu Carnival Tier List

image of three characters for our nu carnival tier list, the image is of art of rei, yakumo and aster posing as rei has an owl on his shoulder as he smiles and holds a hand to his chest, aster is sticking his leg out behind his other leg while smiling widely and yakumo is holding his arm with a shy expression on his face

Which allies should you upgrade?

S Tier

The best allies to have on your side in Nu Carnival!

  • Midnight Owl Rei
  • Icy Equilibrium Dante
  • Blazing Coliseum Dante
  • Ethereal Guardian Garu
  • Aqua Bloom Olivine
  • Kitsune Dream Kuya
  • Mauve Mayhem Morvay
  • Forgotten Fruit Garu
  • Explosive Recall Blade
  • Flaming Secret Edmond
  • Frosted Virtue Olivine
  • White Lover Edmond
  • Buckey Miracle Quincy
  • Lovable Enforcer Blade
  • Shadow Lineage Yakumo
  • Cocoa Liqueur Yakumo
  • Arctic Warden Quincy
  • Crimson Phantom Yakumo
  • Smoked Timber Quincy
  • Crystal Awakening Blade
  • Galactic Mist Eiden
  • Elite Instructor Edmond
  • Master’s Gift Garu
  • Afternoon Daze Kuya

A Tier

Pretty powerful allies! They’re worth keeping around, even if you have sufficient S-tier allies.

  • Idol Apprentice Blade
  • Foxy Rogue Kuya
  • Dark Nova Yakumo
  • Distant Promise Quincy
  • Blossoming Legend Quincy
  • Scorching Sun Dante
  • Ocean Breeze Yakumo
  • E-Droid Blade
  • Captive Star Olivine
  • Homecoming Yakumo
  • Ancient Ceremony Quincy
  • Radiant Admiral Olivine
  • Holy Confession Olivine
  • Spring Chaos Edmund
  • Aromatic Exotica Kuya
  • Lakeside Spark Kuya
  • Sweet Aroma Edmond
  • Scarlet Finesee Aster
  • Howling Cyclone Garu
  • Endless Banquet Garu
  • Gemstone Expert Rei
  • Fallen Leaves Kuya
  • Rainy Rebirth Rei
  • Knightly Night Edmond
  • Eternal Hanabi Dante

B Tier

I’m not going to recommend relying too heavily on a B-tier ally, but they’re not the worst in the game! Still, if you have an A-tier or S-tier character, you should probably focus on them first.

  • Vice-Captain Edmond
  • Shadow Serpent Yakumo
  • Sun Lord Dante
  • Familiar Morvay
  • Man of God Olivine
  • Forest Guardian Quincy
  • Wild Wolf Garu
  • Familiar Aster

C Tier

Sorry guys, but these allies are weak.

  • Vernal Successor Dante
  • Sacred Teacher Olivine
  • Enchanted Fox Kuya
  • Knight Edmond
  • Histologist Rei
  • Mystic Humanoid Blade
  • Human Conqueror Garu

D Tier

Considering these allies are the most common ones to obtain, they’re understandably at the bottom of this tier list.

  • Priest Olivine
  • Ruler Dante
  • Incubus Morvay
  • Timid Youth Yakumo
  • Pure Machine Blade
  • Outlaw Rei
  • Vampire Dante
  • Outcast Quincy
  • Master Spy Morvay
  • Wolf Pup Garu
  • Young Noble Edmond
  • Tycoon Aster
  • Model Citizen Yakumo
  • Fox Spirit Kuya

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