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Curious about all of the Dandy’s World Twisteds? Read on to find out how to counter them in any circumstance!

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Dandy’s World Twisteds

Learn all about the different Twisteds, some being rarer than others, and how to counter them.

All Twisteds

Every Twisted of all rarities, including their unlockable Trinkets!

Boxten (Common)

The Twisted Boxten is one of the easiest and most common Twisteds to go against. He isn’t exactly fast and walks at a relatively normal pace. With no abilities that stand out, you can easily counter the Twisted Boxten whenever you come across one.

Trinket Unlock: Blue Bandana

Shrimpo (Common)

Shrimpo here has quite a slow movement speed. To make up for that, this common Twisted stays aggroed for an extended period of time, making it difficult to get away from him. This means you have to hide for a while as you wait for him to walk off.

Trinket Unlock: Brick

Poppy (Common)

Similar to Twisted Boxten, the common Twisted Poppy doesn’t stand out much either. Her walking speed is also pretty average, and she doesn’t have any abilities that are a major hindrance to you during the game.

Trinket Unlock: Pink Bow

Toodles (Common)

Toodles can’t see very far, so as long as you stay out of her way, she probably won’t see you. However, if she does spot you, it’s best that you run as fast as you can. It’s easy to lose her eventually, but that doesn’t stop the horror of Toodles getting on all fours and chasing you around.

Her overall speed is extremely quick, making running a must when you go against her. You unlock the Dog Plush trinket when completing the research on the common Twisted Toodles!

Trinket Unlock: Dog Plush

Razzle & Dazzle (Uncommon)

A unique Twisted to say the least, and an uncommon one at that. They remain still while a vine circles around them. Take note of whether or not this Twisted is asleep, as a sleeping Razzle & Dazzle means you can walk through the circling vines without waking them up. Make sure you walk and not run, as running will wake Razzle & Dazzle up, which leads to them attacking you.

Trinket Unlock: Ribbon Spool

Brightney (Uncommon)

An uncommon Twisted! As she moves around the map, she has a red glow surrounding her. This makes her easy to spot as you roam, and her speed isn’t anything special either. If she’s active, the chance of a blackout occurring is higher, but listen out for the sound effect. The sound that plays differentiates between a blackout caused by Brightney and a normal blackout.

Trinket Unlock: Spare Bulb

Rodger (Uncommon)

The uncommon Rodger Twisted likes to hide in capsules. The capsules he hides in are those that don’t have any tape around them. Try to avoid picking these capsules up if you spot them, and only focus on picking up those that do have tape. Picking up a Rodger capsule activates him, and to counter this, you need to run and hide as soon as possible.

Trinket Unlock: Magnifying Glass

Goob (Rare)

A rare Twisted that works similar to Scraps! Instead of a tail, he uses his arms to grab the player. If he manages to catch you, he drags you to where he stands and attacks you. Just make sure he can’t see you when you spot him.

Trinket Unlock: Friendship Bracelet

Scraps (Rare)

This rare Twisted has a large range and attacks you with her tail, but only if she can see you. The best way to counter her is to stay as far away as possible so she can’t reach you.

Trinket Unlock: Crayon Set

Dandy (Unique)

If you don’t purchase an item from Dandy’s shop 3 times, he turns evil! He isn’t fast and his aggro isn’t too high, so he’s not that difficult to counter. However, if he manages to catch up to you, he can one-shot you. This makes him the most dangerous Twisted in the game.

Trinket Unlock: Dandy Plush

Astro (Main Character)

Astro is one of the Main Character Twisteds, which means they have a chance to spawn every 5 or so floors. This Twisted only appears if you fail a skill chek on the Extractor Machine. If he appears, you need to move away from the machine quickly. This is because Astro will head to the machine and remove Ichor from it, taking away some of your progress.

Trinket Unlock: Night Cap

Pebble (Main Character)

The quickest Twisted! Once he spots you, he’s hard to get away from due to his speed. Pebble can find players easily, so you should try to keep an eye out for obstacles that you can hide behind.

Trinket Unlock: Bone

Vee (Main Character)

Being the computer that she is, Vee can spawn pop-ups across your screen – similar to the ones you see when a PC has a virus! This is her attempt to distract you. If you fail a skill check, she has a higher chance of appearing.

Trinket Unlock: Vee’s Remote

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