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Looking for the Floors Have Teeth Rope? You need it to go down the well and to get to the next part of the game, so it’s crucial that you find it!

If you haven’t tried Floors Have Teeth yet, head to the official Roblox page to learn more. Can’t find another important item? Check out our Floors Have Teeth Hammer guide that takes you to the exact location!

Floors Have Teeth Rope

Like the hammer, the rope is one of the key items to collect to progress in Floors Have Teeth. The first sign that you need the rope is when you come across a deep well that proceeds into darkness. That darkness is actually the sewers, which takes you to the final act of the game. Expect more puzzles and dangers throughout!

Before you can even get to the sewers, you need to figure out how to access them. The only way to go down the well is to find some rope, but where is it?

Where to Find the Rope

While wandering around the creepy basement, and avoiding the killer, you need to head to the strange classroom – this is found by walking down the corridor where you had to fix a door with a missing doorknob. Look out for a room that has a podium with a cross on it, a TV in the right corner, mannequin heads hanging from the ceiling, crosses on the wall, and pieces of paper strewn across the floor.

Walk through the doorway on the left side of the room by the podium to enter the prison cell area. Look inside each prison cell, though the cell you need is the first one you see. A person is hanging by the waist from the ceiling, holding some rope in their hand. Take the rope, and make your way back to the well!

Once you’re back at the well, you can interact with it to use the rope. It then becomes tied to the side of the well, which you then use to climb down. You may have escaped the first killer, but don’t relax too much while you’re down in the sewers…

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