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Ready to take part in the Attack on Titan Revolution Attack Titan Raid? Make sure you meet the grade requirements before though!

Visit the Attack on Titan Revolution Roblox page to join a raid! To learn more about raids in general, read our Attack on Titan Revolution Raids guide.

Attack on Titan Revolution Attack Titan Raid

The time has come! Raids are now officially in Attack on Titan Revolution. There’s only 1 raid available at the moment though, with more to come in future updates. There are hints that the Armored Titan is next. Anyway, this guide focuses on the Attack Titan raid, going into details regarding the exclusive chests, drops, and more.

The Attack Titan Raid

To join the Attack Titan raid, all you need to do is load up the game and get to the main menu screen. Click the ‘Play’ button as you normally would, but this time select the ‘Raids’ option. To join the easiest difficulty, your character must be D+ Grade at least. Depending on the difficulty you choose, the rewards you receive have varying drop rate chances. Plus, the amount of EXP you earn is much higher when you get to the harder raids.

Grade Requirements

  • Hard Mode (the ‘easiest’ difficulty)
  • Severe Mode
  • Aberrant Mode

Difficulty Rewards

Next, let’s take a closer look at the rewards you get for completing each difficulty mode. You obtain a Raider’s Chest and the Emperor’s Trove from these raids, which you can open with a Key or an Emperor’s Key (specifically for the Emperor’s Trove). The Emperor’s Key is a potential reward from the Raider’s Chest!

The drop rate chance of the rewards inside the Chest and Trove differs depending on the difficulty mode of the raid. The higher the difficulty, the higher the drop rate chances of the items inside!

Hard Mode Rewards
  • 17,272K Gold
  • 5,365 EXP
  • Raider’s Chest
  • Emperor’s Trove
Severe Mode Rewards
  • 41,520K Gold
  • 9,654 EXP
  • Raider’s Chest
  • Emperor’s Trove
Aberrant Mode Rewards
  • 96,538 Gold
  • 17,562 EXP
  • Raider’s Chest
  • Emperor’s Trove

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