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We don’t keep secrets here. If you’re after the Anime Defenders’ Secret Chance then you’ve found the right guide. Here, I tell you the drop rate of a Secret Unit and how to get your hands on one!

Hop on Anime Defenders through Roblox to get pulling for your first Secret! For more Anime Defenders content, check out our Anime Defenders Secret Units guide and our Anime Defenders Limited Banner guide.

Anime Defenders Secret Chance Guide

When viewing the banners regardless of whether it’s the standard or limited, selecting the “See Chances” button will display the drop rate of each rarity. All except for Secret, which remains mysterious with a “???” drop rate. Secret Units have a slim 0.01% drop chance from banners.

  • Rare – 82.5%
  • Epic – 15.25%
  • Legendary – 2%
  • Mythic – 0.25%
  • Secret – 0.01%

How To Get Secret Units

When opening a banner you’ll notice a Pity system which sadly the Secret units don’t appear within. The game wants you to pull Secret units on luck alone, but this is Gem and time-consuming given their evasiveness. Luckily, there are a few ways to boost your odds to secure a Secret unit!

  • Luck Potions – Purchase Lucky Potions using Robux to boost your Luck in the summons for a set amount of time. This method doesn’t promise a Secret unit and is P2W so you might prefer one of the other methods.
    • Lucky Potion – x2 Luck for 1 Hour (0.02% Secret chance)
    • Super Lucky Potion – x3 Luck for 1 Hour (0.03% Secret chance)
  • Codes – Redeeming codes to generate more Gems is always a good fallback! Minimal effort for a huge payoff. The only catch is that codes expire and only work once, plus you must be level 8+ to claim codes.
  • Trading – The best way to secure a Secret unit is through trading! At level 10, join the trading hub and browse the stalls set up by other players exchanging Gems for units. Using this method, you could get your hands on the EXACT Secret you want rather than the current banner Secret.

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