4 Staterooms To AVOID on the Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

If you’re planning to set sail on the new Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Treasure, when it sets sail later this year or on a sailing next year, can we just say how EXCITED we are for you?


You may already be planning what type of room you’d like or where you’d like to stay on board. If you’re not though and you don’t care where you’re put, that’s great! Except for the fact that there are some very specific scenarios where you should be paying very close attention to where you’re booking — if these scenarios apply to you, here’s where NOT to book on the Disney Treasure.

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If you or someone in your party struggles with seasickness, you’ll want to be very particular with where your stateroom is. This is because the further on the front and back of the ship you are, as well as the higher you get, the more you’ll feel the boat rocking and moving.


To avoid the potential of seasickness, you’ll want to book a stateroom in the middle of the ship on the lowest possible deck. While this puts you closer to the water line, it will diminish the amount of movement you feel. We do also recommend bringing anti motion/seasickness medicine on board in whatever form is most comfortable for you to be safe — the last thing you want is to feel gross on your vacation!

If You’re Claustrophobic

If you, again, or someone in your party, has issues with claustrophobia or feeling trapped, then getting an indoor stateroom is the LAST thing you should do.


Now, some of the Disney Cruise Line ships have magic portholes that show a live feed of what’s happening outside, but from some of the concept art we’ve seen of some inside staterooms on the Disney Treasure, some of of them may not have these “windows.” And to avoid panic and stress on vacation, we’d recommend spending the extra money to get a stateroom that has a view or access to outside.

NO Elevators!

This one really goes for anyone, but especially those of you who are sensitive to noise or will be traveling with young kids who wake up easily — we recommend getting a room FAR away from the elevators.

Disney Magic Elevator

The stairs are typically right near the elevators too, so in the mornings and evenings EVERYONE will have to travel past your room to get up or down the ship, and that can get noisy really fast. We recommend booking a room that’s at least 5-6 rooms away from the elevators, just to diminish as much sound as possible.

NO Access To Outside If You Have Young Kids

Lastly, in a complete opposite recommendation to the second point on this list, if you’ll be traveling with kids who are old enough to know how to open a door but maybe aren’t old enough to grasp how dangerous it is to be out on a ship’s balcony above the ocean, getting a verandah stateroom is NOT the move.


The railings on these verandahs are pretty high, but some kids like to climb, and if it’s nighttime, your kid can’t sleep and they want to go outside and can unlock the door — you see where we’re going with this. It’s scary to think about, so maybe just book a room that has a window outside, but doesn’t allow any access.


We can’t wait to set sail on this ship in December of this year, and you know we’ll be bringing you all the details from on board, so stay tuned to DFB!

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What are you most looking forward to seeing on the Disney Treasure? Tell us in the comments!

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