“Vita Nova” Update Now Available for Reverse City Builder ‘Terra Nil’ on Netflix and PC, Switch Update Coming Soon – TouchArcade

A little over a year ago publisher Devolver Digital in conjunction with developer Free Lives released Terra Nil on PC as well as mobile devices by way of Netflix Games, with a Nintendo Switch version coming the following December. Its basic premise is that it was a “reverse city builder” in that rather than trying to build and evolve the perfect city that virtual citizens want to move to, you were instead trying to terraform barren wastelands into lush greenery in order to entice animals to come and live in your spaces. Now, with help from developer Clockwork Acorn who has joined along for the ride, Terra Nil has received a huge new content update titled Vita Nova. It features new maps, new building types, an all-new world map, and perhaps most importantly a completely overhauled wildlife system. Learn all about Vita Nova as the extremely calming narrator explains everything new in the following trailer.

We really loved the concept of Terra Nil when we reviewed the Netflix and PC versions upon release last year, as well as the Switch version in December, and most of our negative remarks were in regards to the somewhat poor technical performance and numerous glitches we encountered. Without all that the underlying game seemed really solid and enjoyable. Well there have been several updates to the game since that aimed squarely at addressing those issues, and with today’s big content update and overhaul to the wildlife system I’m hopeful that Terra Nil is finally where we wished it would have been when it first came out. The concept and relaxing nature of the game are too good to be spoiled by things like bugs and performance issues, so if you had this one previously and were turned off by such things maybe give this new version a spin, and if this is your first time encountering Terra Nil then let this big update be your reason to check it out.

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