Rumble Club Season 2 Is Here With New Medieval-Themed Maps And Modes!

Lightfox Games’ Rumble Club just dropped its Season 2 update and it’s a medieval melee event.  Back in April, when it launched, Season 1 took us on a cosmic adventure with zero-gravity battles and futuristic space gadgets. So, what’s in store for season 2? Let’s find out.

Here’s What Season 2 Of Rumble Club is Bringing!

This season, you’re brawling in castles, dungeons and even on a Desserted Island. Yes, it’s not a desert, but an island full of desserts. You’ll also get new game modes like Rumble Run. It’s a knockdown drag-out grand prix to see who’s the last Punchie standing.

There are many tournaments happening in Rumble Club Season 2. You can show off your skills in a tiered knockout format. Five new skill sets are also hitting the game. They are Sword and Board, Crossbow, Faerie Wings, Horsie and the big guy himself, Ogre King.

And where should I start with the new maps of Season 2? Ok, let’s start with the biggest. Punchington Castle is making its debut in all six game modes and tournaments. It’s like the VIP section of brawling arenas. You also get four new maps to explore, including Old Punchie Town, Dungeon Depths and Walk the Planks.

On that note, catch a glimpse of Rumble Club Season 2 in this official trailer below!

Tried The Game Yet?

It’s a physics-based brawler game with ultimate clumsy battles. It will remind you of games like Brawlhalla and Stick Fight. You get to use wild gadgets or your fists to outsmart rivals and knock them out of the arena.

If you haven’t played it yet, you can try it out from the Google Play Store. Season 1 was fun, and season 2 looks like fun, too!

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