Just Like A Phoenix! Supercell Announces Project R.I.S.E. From The Ashes Of Clash Heroes

Supercell, the Finnish developer, has just announced something unexpected. After announcing that their RPG Clash Heroes is shutting down, they’re now working on bringing it back. But not in the usual way. Project R.I.S.E. is the title Supercell is working on.

So, Here’s The Full Scoop!

Clash Heroes is officially dead. The rumours were true, and just like Clash Mini before it, Clash Heroes has been shelved. But Supercell isn’t just leaving us hanging. The game’s getting a sort of reincarnation as Project R.I.S.E. It will be a social action RPG roguelite set in the same Clash universe.

Supercell dropped an announcement video for Project R.I.S.E. There, game lead Julien Le Cadre didn’t mince words. “Clash Heroes is dead. That’s the bad news,” he said. “The good news is that Project R.I.S.E. is still a Clash game, and the better news is that it’s now a multiplayer-focused action RPG.”

Watch the video below to get more details about it.

As you heard, Project R.I.S.E. will be like Clash Heroes, but not exactly same. It will be a social action RPG roguelite built entirely from the ground up.

In the game, you’ll be teaming up with two other players to explore a mysterious place called The Tower. Each session takes place on a different floor of the tower, and the goal is to get as high as you can. Unlike its predecessor, Project R.I.S.E focuses on playing together with various characters, rather than just you doing PvE dungeons.

The game is still in the early stages; it’s in pre-alpha. Supercell is planning to have the first playtest of Project R.I.S.E. in early July 2024. You can register on the official website now for a chance to participate.

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