Double Barreled-Like Guncho Is A Roguelike With Wild West Tactics

Guncho is a new turn-based puzzler from developer Arnold Rauers. The maker of games like ENYO, Card Crawl Adventure and Miracle Merchant. Guncho is a bit like ENYO, but set in the American Wild West where you’ll get to see a lot of cowboy hats and fight as a gunslinger.

You Play As Guncho

Set against the backdrop of the untamed frontier, the game challenges you to outwit bandits. Play as Guncho, the protagonist, a lone gunslinger, fighting against evil. Use unique positional shooting mechanics to win the fights.

You strategically move Guncho across a grid-like terrain, aiming carefully to outsmart enemies. Make the most of explosive barrels and dangerous cacti in the environment to win your fights. You’ll also explore randomly generated levels, gathering upgrades and improving skills before confronting tough bosses.

Guncho combines roguelike features with strategic gameplay. Want to see the actual gameplay? Here’s a sneak peek!

Will You Try It Out?

Guncho has quite a variety of boss fights and levels. It’s compact with some replay value and also has a competitive scoreboard if you’re into that. It’s available as free to play on Android. You can unlock the full game at $4.99, although the free version gives a pretty decent amount of playthrough.

There’s also an achievement for defeating the boss in the demo version. However, once the full game is released, this achievement can’t be earned anymore because the demo has been removed. If you enjoyed playing the demo, the full game doesn’t offer much beyond the ability to play it without the achievements.

If you think it’s something you should try, check it out on the Google Play Store. And if you want more updates on the game, head over to their official website.

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