Attack On Titan Revolution Shiki Guide

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Want to hear all about the rarest family in the game? You think you’ve seen rare clans in Roblox games before, but this one is on a whole other level. Our Attack On Titan Revolution Shiki guide explains the elusive Shiki family and the crazy rarity involved.

Play Attack On Titan Revolution right now on Roblox. You could also try our Attack On Titan Revolution controls guide if you’re not quite there yet on your titan-slaying maneuvers.

Attack On Titan Revolution Shiki Guide

Let’s discuss one of the most unusual families in the game.

About The Shiki Family

The Shiki family is unusual in one major way.. there’s only one member! That’s right, only one player has the Shiki family at any one time. It was rewarded to the player who scored the highest kill count during the game’s testing phase. Will it be available again? We can’t say!

Shiki Moves And Passives

These are the passive stat games a character with the Shiki name gets automatically.

  • Cannot Titan shift.
  • 20% extra damage.
  • 15% extra crit chance.
  • 15% extra crit damage.
  • 10% extra ODM range.
  • 10% extra ODM gas capacity.
  • 10% extra ODM control.
  • Double Jump
  • Dash Boost
  • Extra perk slot. (Offensive.)

Special Passive – Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

A blue bar fills through attacking titans. On filling this gives a 20% boost to all stats.

Special Move – It’s Showtime

Begin a fast aerial spinning attack that causes damage to any titan in the vicinity.

Special Move – Swift Strikes

Attacks and kills several titans in your immediate vicinity instantly.

Can’t Get Shiki?

So, unless you’re the lucky and skilled winner of the kill count contest, it’s safe to say you’re not getting Shiki any time soon. (If you are the winner, can we get your autograph?) Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world. The moves are quite similar to the Ackermann family, with some notable extra boosts mind you. Ackermann is the closest thing, and might scratch that itch. Still rare, but at least rollable.

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