Anime Dimensions Simulator Divine Core Guide

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This Anime Dimensions Simulator Divine Core Guide tells you what this item is, how to get it and its capabilities. If you’re looking for a huge card buffer, then this is the guide for you!

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Anime Dimensions Simulator Divine Core Guide

In celebration of Anime Dimensions Simulator’s 3-year anniversary, the game has released an all-new Raid. This Level 100+ Divine Guardian Raid is unique in that it doesn’t drop any units in favour of accessories and the new Divine Core item.

The Divine Core has a 0.02% drop chance, so you’ll have to really put in the work and luck out to get your hands on it. Thankfully the payoff is worth it as Divine Cores turn your Mythical cards into Divine cards. Before you commit to the change, the card will display the existing stats and new stats. So don’t worry about wasting the Core on the wrong Mythic card.

What Are Cards?

Cards drop from completing Dimensions and their value typically scales from their level. An uncommon card could host more potential than an epic rarity card so long as the level is higher. Though this isn’t one-size-fits-all as ideally, you’ll want to fetch higher rarity cards to enjoy more sub-stats.

Overall, a Card boosts the stats of your characters to make them stronger. Per each card, there are a few options for Substat and what the card will boost.

  • HP – Max HP
  • HP Regen – How fast a character heals
  • Attack – Total DMG power
  • Crit Chance – How often a character performs a perfect hit
  • Crit DMG – How strong a character’s perfect hit is
  • EXP – How much EXP is gained per game
  • Gold – Increases Gold income per game
  • Cooldown Reduction – How often a character performs a Skill
  • Assist Cooldown Reduction – Reduces the cooldown for Assist Skills

Card Sub-Stats

  • Common – 0 Sub-stats
  • Uncommon – 1 Sub-stats
  • Rare – 2 Sub-stats
  • Epic – 3 Sub-stats
  • Legendary – 4 Sub-stats
  • Mythic – 5 Sub-stats
  • Divine – 6 Sub-stats

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