13 Strawberry Recipes For Summer • Stephanie Hansen


June 25, 2024

Few things beat the first fresh, ripe berries of summer. We all know the ones I’m talking about: those gorgeous red rubies known as strawberries! Whether you grow them yourself in a home garden, buy them at a farmers’ market, or have a favorite pick-your-own spot that you visit every season, every good Minnesotan has to get their hands on some fresh berries. This list of strawberry recipes features some favorites ranging from refreshing drinks to sweet treats to light summer salads. Make them fresh, and then freeze some berries so you can enjoy them all year long.

Where to Pick Strawberries in Minnesota

If you love farmers markets and fresh produce, you should bookmark the Minnesota Grown website. It has all kinds of resources, include directories of when and where to find specific items. You can search for strawberries here, and find the farm closest to you!

Strawberry Bread Video Tutorial

This strawberry bread is an easy and sweet treat for all your fresh berries. The glaze is nice and sweet, and the loaf is packed with berries. It’s the perfect way to use the nice ripe berries before they go bad!

Below you’ll find 13 more strawberry recipes that are perfect for summer. The list includes both sweet an savory so you can make some nice, light lunch salads or choose the perfect dessert for a get together or BBQ. This is everything you’ll need to use up all your freshly picked berries this year!

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