Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide

Hollow isn’t the easiest path in Type Soul, but the latest update has certainly made things a little easier. Start at the bottom and claw your way up to the very top of the food chain… or die trying. Our Type Soul Hollow Progression guide goes over all the stages and how to pass them.

Type Soul is available to play free on Roblox. Want some more Type Soul guides? Try our Type Soul Segunda guide, or our Type Soul Unrivaled, Unequaled guide for more help with advancing your Arrancar once you get it.

Type Soul Hollow Progression Guide

Here we’ll go through each of the different Hollow evolutions you can get.


On the first stage of Hollow progression, you’ll spawn into Hueco Mundo as a Fishbone. These low-grade hollows are pretty weak, and don’t really have any special techniques, so you’ll need to get to advancing as soon as possible.

To advance, you need to eat other Hollows. You can target other Fishbones, or the large Menos Hollows wandering around. Make sure you are targeting NPC Hollows. They will drop body parts that you can eat.. and you’re not ruining anyone else’s progression. Killing one NPC Menos and eating the body was enough to turn our test Hollow into a Menos.


The second stage of Hollow progression is Menos, also known as a Gillian. these resemble very tall Hollows with distinctive pointy-nose masks. They’re very big, but also very slow.

At this stage, you can rip off your mask to become the weakest kind of Arrancar, a Menoscar. However, unless you really REALLY hate being Hollow, we’d recommend you wait until you’ve advanced a step forward.

To advance you need to kill other Hollows. In our tests, just killing another NPC Menos was enough to advance to the next level. If you’re sick of being hassled by other players or Adjuchas enemies, you can drop down into the Menos Forest area by jumping into the small pit next to the quest board.

Gillian Menos can equip the Menos Cero skill from your skill list. Hit N to open it and scroll to the skill to add it to your hotbar. This lets you fire a big red laser.. who doesn’t want to do that?


Feature image for our Type Soul keybinds guide. It shows an adjuchas hollow with a fox-like mask, grinning toward the viewer.

Once scoring enough Menos kills your body should fall apart, and you should get a new form. Adjuchas resemble souped-up versions of the Fishbones, with spiky hair on their backs and animal-like masks. You can also use the Cero as an Adjuchas.

You can pull your Mask now and become an Adjucar, a common Arrancar choice, though there is one further step you can take, becoming a Vasto Lorde and a Vastocar.

Vasto Lorde

Vasto Lorde is the apex predator of the Hollow species, and getting is a one-shot one chance. If you fail on the last step, it’s all the way back to Menos and you can’t try for Vasto again. No pressure!

To achieve Vasto Lorde, you need to

  • Get 25 Mask Cracks. You get these by killing other Adjuchas. If you die, you’ll lose 5 Mask Cracks off your total, but you can still get Vasto at this stage.
  • Once you have 25 Cracks, you should start seeing words appearing on the screen. If you log and return, your Hollow might appear white.
  • Next you need to find the Vasto Lorde enemy. This can spawn around Hueco Mundo, you just need to keep looking, and be patient.
  • Defeat the Vasto Lorde. You only get one shot at this, so fight hard.
  • If you defeat and devour the Vasto Lorde, you become one. Now you are the peak of Hollow performance, and when you’re ready you can rip your mask and become a Vastocar.

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