The Best Android Flight Simulators

The intense world of Microsoft Flight Sim arrive awoke the world to the beauty of simulated flying, but not all of us have a killer PC to fly planes. For mobile gamers, we found the best flight simulator Android has to offer. This means you can soar the world anywhere you want! Yes, even on the toilet! 

If you’ve been itching to take to their air, then we have the list for you! In a bid to find what the best mobile Flight Sim is, we’ve created this handy list! 

The Best Android Flight Simulators

Infinite Flight Simulator

Nowhere near as accurate as X-Plane, Infinite Flight Simulator is a more casual experience. However, what it lacks in intense simulation, it makes up for with a tonne more planes to fly! 

There is over 50 aircraft to choose from in this behemoth flight sim. It may not be the absolute best flight simulator Android gamers can pick up, but it’s one riot of a time for plane enthusiasts. 

Using satellite imagery, you can explore the world with up-to-date atmospheric conditions. Is it foggy above Swansea? Yes? Then you’ll see it here. 

Infinite Flight Simulator is usually the go-to choice for mobile flight sims. Why? Because it’s simply more accessible for most players, even if it is a step behind X-Plane’s mechanics. 

It’s easy to recommend IFS to those looking to take to virtual skies while they rest on the ceramic throne.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The de facto flight simulator game can technically be played on Android but with a caveat. You can only play the game on Android via Xbox Cloud Gaming, a game streaming subscription service. 

This means that, while it is the best flight simulator Android has, it’s only possible via external means. Furthermore, an Xbox controller is required to play the game, and that’s not the best method of play. If you want the full experience, you’ll need a console/PC and a compatible flight stick. 

Nevertheless, this is the definitive flying experience. With a collection of extremely detailed planes, you can fly across a 1:1 recreation of Earth with real-time sky and weather conditions. It’s truly amazing. 

Maybe a decade into the future, Microsoft Flight Simulator on Android will be a reality. Unfortunately, for now, it’s only available via streaming, and we’d still heavily recommend it. It’s as brilliant as flight games can get. 

Real Flight Simulator 

Quite a few rungs behind the others, Real Flight Simulator is a far more basic game compared to X-Plane. As a premium experience, you’ll have to pay £0.99 to enter, but it’s still a fun time for those who like to fly. 

While it’s not the best flight simulator Android has, it’s still an okay choice. You can still fly around the world, experience recreations of your favorite airports and experience real-time weather. 

Real Flight Simulator is a fun alternative if you don’t enjoy X-Plane or Infinite Flight Sim. However, you’ll likely find yourself wanting some of the more advanced features of other titles. 

It’s still fun, though, and we do recommend the game! .

Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D 

A great option if crafts with propellers are your jam. This game has a wide range of planes, an opportunity to walk around the plane and drive ground vehicles, and a bunch of missions to try out.

Even better, it’s free with no mandatory ads. You can choose to view ones between flights for a few extra goodies, but if you’d prefer a seamless experience you don’t have to engage.

Did you get the best flight simulator Android has? 

Hopefully, this list has given you the flight simulator of your dreams of mobile. Did we help you find exactly ever you wanted? If so, tell us in the comments in the comments below! 

If not, make sure to tell us what flight games you enjoy on mobile! We’re always looking to add to our list, as if it wasn’t already thorough enough! 

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