Pet Simulator 99 Relics Guide

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What are Relics? Where do you find them? Why should you care? We’re here to answer all these questions! Our Pet Simulator 99 relics guide goes over what you need to know about the little trophies and what they do.

Pet Simulator 99 is a Roblox game that’s all about getting two things, riches and adorable pets. Click on coins and boxes to acquire more coins and diamonds. Your pets will help you out too! Once you’ve got money, use it to hatch out more pets! And thus you wind up losing hours at a time.

You can play Pet Simulator 99 yourself on Roblox.

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Pet Simulator 99 Relics Guide

So what are relics all about? We’ve broken the explanation up into topics below.

About Relics

Relics resemble small paw-shaped trophies. There are 50 in all scattered across the Pet Simulator 99 map. Collect them for rewards. These rewards include permanent shiny boosts that increase your odds of hatching a very special variation on existing pet species, so if you want to get some really striking pets then you won’t want to sleep on looking for relics.

You don’t need all 50 to start benefiting from the items. The first permanent boost is granted at five relics, so get going! You get more rewards incrementally, usually every give you pick up.

Finding Relics

You can find relics inside the environments of each area. They may be in or behinds props. Some are pressed into small gaps in walls that aren’t easily accessible. The important thing to note is that in order to collect the relic, you don’t need to touch it with your character, you just need to tap it. So if a relic is in a small space, it’s not a problem.

Relics take on a semi-transparent texture once you’ve picked them up. You can’t pick them up more than once. (Boo.)

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