Fortnite Drops Reload Mode, Bringing Back Classic Guns and Iconic Maps!

Fortnite has just dropped a new mode called the Reload mode, and it’s bringing the classic vibes back with a modern twist. The Reload mode in Fortnite jams 40 players into a tighter map brimming with nostalgia as it features a lot of iconic spots from previous updates.

What’s In Store In The Reload Mode Of Fortnite?

You must be wondering what this mode exactly does. Well, it’s a mode where your squad has a shot at comebacks as long as one player’s still standing. A complete squad wipe means game over, no second chances. So, basically, this mode lets you be the last squad standing whether you’re into Battle Royale or Zero Build.

The Reload mode is set on a compact island in Fortnite featuring places like Tilted Towers and Retail Row. It ditches drivable vehicles but packs a punch with a variety of unvaulted loot. You’ll get to see and snag old favourites like the Revolver, Tactical Shotgun, Lever Action Shotgun and even the Rocket Launcher and Grappler.

Victory Crowns are still in play, and once you’re rebooted, you come back with a common Assault Rifle (and some wood in Build mode). The action in this new mode also ramps up with the Reboot Timer, starting at 30 seconds and increasing to 40 as the match wears on. You or your teammates can chop down this time by taking down enemies. If you’re down, you can opt to start your reboot immediately.

When You Get Eliminated

There’s more strategy involved in what happens when you’re eliminated. You drop Small Shield Potions, assorted ammo and 50 of each building material in Build mode. This ensures that the ongoing battle remains intense and resourceful.

Adding to the grind, the Fortnite Reload mode intro quests offer big XP boosts. Complete three quests, and you get the Digital Dogfight Contrail. Finish six for the Pool Cubes Wrap, and nail nine to grab the NaNa Bath Back Bling. Snag a Victory Royale, and you’re sporting The Rezzbrella Glider.

Catch a glimpse of the new Fortnite Reload mode below!

Download Fortnite Battle Royale from the official website to get in on all the action. And before heading out, take a look at some of our other news. Cross-Platform MMORPG Tarisland Drops With Tons Of Goodies Up For Grabs.

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