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Want to be a member of the Attack on Titan Revolution Fritz clan? Good luck, as it’s the rarest family in the game right now, with an extremely low drop rate chance!

Roll for a new clan in Attack on Titan Revolution! For more on the latest update, take a look at our Attack on Titan Revolution Emperor’s Key guide and our Attack on Titan Revolution Attack Shards guide.

Attack on Titan Revolution Fritz

The latest clan to be added to Attack on Titan Revolution is Fritz! Interestingly, this family clan is of the Mythical rarity, making it the rarest family to be a part of right now. The drop rate chance of the Fritz family is 0.025% With this comes overpowered buffs that take your character from 0 to 100 instantly.

Fritz Skills

The skills you can use as a member of the Fritz family are:

  • Let it RIP
  • Swift Strikes
  • Rage Mode

The Let it RIP and Swift Strikes abilities are also part of the Ackerman family skillset, so you may already recognise them! This means that certain Family Skills can cross over to others, opening up the possibility of newer family clans obtaining skills we’re already familiar with.

Fritz Passive Abilities

The passive abilities are mostly buffs for already-existing stats!

  • Raid DMG +20%
  • ODM Control +10%
  • ODM Range +10%
  • ODM Gas +120%
  • Dash +1
  • Critical Chance +15%
  • Critical DMG +15%
  • Unlocks an additional slot for Offense Perks

Who is Fritz?

Fritz himself has arrived in the Roblox game. Well, not him specifically, but his clan name! Players can now become a part of the Fritz family, which is a legendary title to have (if you’ve seen the anime, you’ll know what I mean!).

The King and leader of an Eldian tribe, Karl Fritz is one of the original ancients that brought on the calamity of the Titans. He has 3 daughters with Ymir, another important name if you’re familiar with Attack on Titan. However, there’s also King Fritz, who is a false king posing as the real one.

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