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The Attack on Titan Revolution Attack Shards are a must for Titan Shifters! They’re an important resource when upgrading your Titan form, and there are only 2 ways to obtain them right now.

To try out the new update for yourself, head to the official Attack on Titan Revolution Roblox page! To learn more about the new game mode, read our Attack on Titan Revolution Raids guide.

Attack on Titan Revolution Attack Shards

Attack Shards are an item that is used to boost your Attack Mastery Resonance skill tree. For every ability, you must have Attack Shards to unlock additional skills. Only 1 Attack Shard is required for each one. The new unlockable abilities are:

  • Titanic Insight (Resonance Level 1)
  • Enhanced Resolve (Resonance Level 2)
  • Grand Entrance (Resonance Level 3)
  • Skillful Mastery (Resonance Level 4)
  • Raging Inferno (Resonance Level 5)
  • Ultimate Ascendancy (Resonance Level 6)

How to Obtain Attack Shards

With the latest update bringing the Raids game mode to the forefront, there are lots of goodies to collect. Attack Shards being one of them! This item is a reward given to you when completing a raid. I do want to mention that the chance of an Attack Shard dropping after a raid is increased when the difficulty is significantly higher. As of right now, there is only 1 raid available to play in the game, which is the Attack Titan raid.

The Attack Shard appears in either the Emperor’s Trove chest or the Raider’s Chest. For a higher difficulty raid, the Emperor’s Trove grants a much higher drop rate chance of an Attack Shard, whereas the Raider’s Chest has a lower chance. Attack Shards are also available via the in-game store with the blue gems – be warned, they’re quite expensive.

Drop Rates Per Difficulty

  • Attack Titan – Hard D+ Grade
    • Emperor’s Trove: 0.1%
    • Raider’s Chest: 0.05%
  • Attack Titan – Severe B- Grade
    • Emperor’s Trove: 0.3%
    • Raider’s Chest: 0.15%
  • Attack Titan – Aberrant A- Grade
    • Emperor’s Trove: 1%
    • Raider’s Chest: 0.5%

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