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Want to know more about the Anime Impact Traits? These obtainable buffs are a must for your most powerful units – especially the rare ones!

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Anime Impact Traits

Traits, also known as Blessings, give your units a boost in battle. A unit can only hold 1 trait at a time, so if you manage to get lucky with obtaining a Mythic or Legendary trait, make sure to keep it! There’s a chance that you may summon a unit that already has a trait via the in-game banner, however, this is very rare.

How to Reroll Traits / Blessings

Thankfully, you aren’t stuck with a bad trait if you roll one. If a unit has a trait that you’re not too happy with, you can reroll it! To do this, you need a Miracle Token – and just a singular one too. Rerolling a trait gets rid of a unit’s current trait and replaces it with a new one. The rarity of the initial trait doesn’t matter, so you may downgrade from a Legendary to a Rare trait if you’re unlucky.

How to Get Miracle Tokens

To earn Miracle Tokens, you need to actively summon on the unit banner. An easier way is by playing through the challenges and in-game missions, which you can keep track of via the ‘Missions’ button. As well as the missions that come with the story mode, there are also daily missions to complete. Don’t forget to redeem codes, as some provide free Miracle Tokens!

Rare Traits

  • Strength
    • 29.97% drop rate chance
    • Boosts a unit’s DMG by 5%
    • There are 3 tiers of the Strength trait, each of which increases effects by 5%
  • Fast
    • 24.98% drop rate chance
    • The chance to evade an attack increases
    • A unit’s turn speed is boosted
    • There are 3 tiers of the Fast trait, each of which increases the above buffs (Speed +1 and Evasion +1%)
  • Precision
    • 24.98% drop rate chance
    • Accuracy buff
    • For each tier of Precision, your accuracy is increased by 2%

Legendary Traits

  • Unity
    • 5% drop rate chance
    • If your team includes units that are from the same franchise, the Max HP, Magic, ATK, Magic DEF, and Magic ATK stats all get a 5% buff
  • Prodigy
    • 9.99% drop rate chance
    • Your units level up much faster, with EXP increasing by 35%
  • Pierce
    • 1% drop rate chance
    • Critical Chance is boosted by 20%
  • Sniper
    • 2.5% drop rate chance
    • Accuracy gets a 7% buff

Mythic Traits

  • Titan
    • 0.36% drop rate chance
    • HP and DEF stats get a buff
      • HP +40%
      • Magic DEF +20%
      • DEF +20%
  • Ghost
    • 0.8% drop rate chance
    • Evasion +6%
    • Limit of Evasion +5%
    • Speed +8
  • Dragon
    • 0.2% drop rate chance
    • HP +20%
    • Magic ATK +20%
    • ATK +20%
  • Emperor
    • 0.1% drop rate chance
    • HP +55%
    • Magic ATK +65%
    • ATK +65%
  • Immortal
    • 0.15% drop rate chance
    • ATK +30%
    • Magic ATK +30%
    • HP +15%
      • The unit replenishes 5% of their maximum HP every turn

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