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This Anime Impact Evolutions Guide tells you what the process of Evolution is, what it does, how to perform it and the units capable of Evolution.

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Anime Impact Evolutions Guide

Evolution is the process of buffing all major stats for a unit. Typically, Evolution only happens if the unit is of a certain rarity and conditions are met. When evolved, a unit receives stronger stats, a new cosmetic and a new name to show off that they’re an improved version.

The only units capable of Evolution within Anime Impact are Mythic and Secret rarity units. This is because these units sit at the top of the food chain in terms of base stats and aren’t easy to obtain in summons. The idea around Evolution is that you have to earn it!

All Evolution items can be crafted using an assortment of Candy colours that you obtain through playing the game. When a unit is Evolved, it loses its levels, however, retains its Blessings and has every stat boosted by one. Think of Evolution as a prestige!

Mythic Evolution Units

  • Aizo
    • Evolves in Aizo (Traitor) using Hogyoku Shard EVO item
  • Byakuyo
    • Evolves into Byakuyo (Cherry) using Flower Petal EVO item
  • Crocs
    • Evolves into Croc (Sandstorm) using Golden Hook EVO item
  • Eneru
    • Evolves into Eneru (Kami) using Tomoe Drums EVO item
  • Pein
    • Evolves into Pein (Almighty) using Rinnegan Eye EVO item
  • Sonade
    • Evolves into Sonade (100 Seal) using Purple Gem EVO item
  • Narooto (Timeskip)
    • No evolution but is a better rarity version of the Narooto unit (Rare)
  • Jonin Minatu
  • Teen Guhen
    • Evolves into Teen Guhen (Father-Son) using Four Star Dragonball EVO item
  • Goko (Namak)
    • Evolves into Goko (Ceru) using Flying Nimbus EVO item
  • Ceru
    • Evolves into Ceru (Perfect) using Cell Egg EVO item

Secret Evolution Units

  • Jin Woo
    • Currently the only Secret unit in the game!
    • Evolves into Jin Woo (Monarch) using Shadow Heart EVO item

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